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    Osha, the renowned Thai restaurant based from San Francisco introduced a The Passion set with Sanpellegrino Collaboration to keep the love for food alive. Chef Purida Theerapong, who has experience of over 15 years in Australia, took inspiration from Thai

    Have you ever heard of chocolate heaven? From their first branch at Asoke, Chu opened its second home at the Silom-Sathorn area. Both branches have the same design and menu; they simply want to reach out to the other side. Eat:

    In Congolese, Kumi means “ten,” which refers to the restaurant being in Sathorn Soi 10. In Japanese, the word means “together.” Kumi is not entirely a fusion restaurant and the menu is heavily based on organic and fresh ingredients with some

    Twenty six years of being “Salute by Sorrento,” and moving its location aound Bangkok from Silom to Sathorn, this second generation Sorrento is perhaps the best back-to-the basics but with a tad of new techniques up their sleeves. Not only is

    You might be familiar with Les Café des Stagiaires, which also has a branch in Shanghai. Chicon, the French bistro, sits right on top of it. Chicon Bangkok offers a more proper dining room for guests who prefer a fine

    Luxurious, classic, and very elegant, Il Fumo found a perfect location in this 1950 heritage home, where it delivers impeccable service from the bar right to the private rooms on the top floor. Owned by the same owners of Vesper,

    This café is all things chic and friendly. How friendly? Even dogs are welcome inside and owners get assistance in controlling their pets and avoid them disturbing other costumers. Also a furniture store (by Casa Pagoda), it is no wonder