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    The Indian holistic healing organization, Shiv Yog, is coming to Bangkok this month to give hands-on training on self-healing. by Parmesh ChopraOver the last decade or so, physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual stress has affected mankind like never before. To nullify

    How did polo come all the way from Persia to Thailand? by Alexander Eeckhout From Persia to India to Great Britain to Argentina to Thailand. Polo has definitely traveled a good deal of miles before conquering the world. The game of kings

    Why super-regional mall Megabangna is the ultimate family shopping destination in Bangkok. by Percy Roxas When Megabangna (●02 105 1000; opened in 2012, it was billed as the largest low-rise shopping mall in Southeast Asia. Other malls in the region might

    Oh, how it feels to grab a plane by its control wheel and see the world through a bird’s-eye view! by Anita ZarorI've had a fascination with airplanes, airports, and everything wings-related since I was little, probably because they are all

    44 years of Lookeast … and counting by Percy Roxas “Lookeast is like a warm and wonderful host who invites travelers into the family living room,” says avid Lookeast reader and long-time superstar Toon Hiranyasap, one of the countless readers who, for

    Pattaya’s story as a resort begins in the mid 1960s, when the small Royal Thai Navy airfield of U-Tapao was rebuilt by the United States to handle the B52 bombers that were being used during the Vietnam War. This resulted

    Author of 32 books and thousands of newspaper and magazine stories, Harold Stephens began writing travel and adventure stories for Lookeast in 1974. This is how he remembers Thailand around that time. How was life in Bangkok in the 1970s? You hear