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    Fujita Kanko Will Open New Authentic Japanese Restaurant in Taipei

      /  RESTAURANTS + BARS   /  Fujita Kanko Will Open New Authentic Japanese Restaurant in Taipei

    Kourin Entrance 3On December 2016, leading Japanese hospitality company Fujita Kanko Inc. will open “Kourin,” a new Japanese restaurant in Taipei, Taiwan. It will be Fujita Kanko’s second restaurant in Taiwan, following Kinsui Taipei by Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo, which opened in January this year. The company also plans to open its first Taipei hotel in 2019.

    “Although we are known for our hotel brands, Fujita Kanko is more than a hotelier,” said Akira Segawa, Fujita Kanko’s president and CEO. “Our chefs are world renowned for their talents. Food plays a significant role in Japanese culture; it is an extension of our hospitality. We hope to offer authentic Japanese cuisine more widely outside Japan so more people can experience this important part of Japanese culture.”

    Kourin Counter Seat 2Kourin Counter Seat

    Many Japanese restaurants at Fujita Kanko’s 70 hotels, resorts and entertainment facilities are directly managed by the company, not operating as tenants. The company takes apprentices and trains them to be master chefs. Fujita Kanko plans to expand its restaurant business overseas.

    Located in the center of Taipei, Kourin will be a kappo-style restaurant, a popular style of Japanese dining, where chefs often cook in front of diners seated at a long counter and serve them directly. Designed in modern Japanese style, Kourin will feature 12 counter seats, two tables for four, and a semi-private space for up to six diners. Menus, a la carte and omakase courses, include not only typical Japanese dishes such as sushi, sashimi and tempura, but also exquisitely prepared delicacies using fresh local ingredients. One signature dish will be prepared on a lava stone grill from Mt. Fuji.  A large selection of Japanese sake and shochu will be available.

    Kourin Dining Area 2Kourin Dining Area 3

    According to the Japanese Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, the number of Japanese restaurants outside Japan grew by 60% between January 2013 and July 2015, showing the popularity of Japanese cuisine.

    Kourin EntranceKourin Staff

    Kourin is currently taking reservations at +886-2-2778-3258.