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    Thailand’s first ever resort mall rises —

    Blúport Hua Hin Resort Mall – giving visitors from far and

    wide another great reason to visit the charming royal resort town of Hua Hin!


    Hua Hin’s first ever resort mall development – Blúport Hua Hin – made a loud bang that reverberated beyond its location to shout out its grand opening recently. The multi-million baht resort mall did not spare any effort, time, energy, and money to ensure that the newest kid on the block of the local retail industry makes a grand, spectacular entrance.

    “The Mall Group, Thailand’s leading retail developer, has been continuously revolutionizing and advancing Thailand’s retail sector by building a collection of world-class shopping destinations such as Siam Paragon, the Emporium, and the Emquartier,” says Supaluck Umpujh, vice chairwoman of the group’s subsidiary, Hua Hin Asset Co., Ltd.

    Supaluck, also known as “the iron butterfly of Thailand’s retail industry,” is confident that the massive project will benefit Hua Hin and its people in particular, and Thailand’s economy in general. For this project, The Mall Group (through Hua Hin Asset Co., Ltd) has joined forces with Proud Real Estate Co., Ltd. — a leading mixed-use project developer in Thailand- – to launch Blúport Hua Hin Resort Mall.

    Hua Hin, besides its splendid unspoiled natural attractions has a rich legacy and unique charm. It is also famous for many tourist attractions and historical landmarks such as the Rajabhakti Park, Klai
    Kangwon Palace, and Maruekhathaiyawan Palace. Because Blúport has been designed to enhance further Hua Hin’s reputation as a world-class beach resort, “It will surely help bolster Thailand’s tourism economy and solidify further the country’s status on the Asean front,” says Supaluck.

    Proud Real Estate also sees the resort mall as a great opportunity for Hua Hin’s tourism industry. “We believe that this collaboration for Blúport will increase further the growth potential of the city,” says Pasu Liptapanlop, executive director of Hua Hin Asset Co., Ltd.


    “For a long time now, Hua Hin has been tremendously becoming more popular and attractive among the high-end visitors,” Pasu points out. “Thanks to its favorable geographic location, which links the
    central region with the southern regions of Thailand; and its diverse range of attractions, beautiful natural scenery, and cultural arts, Hua Hin is a veritable trade, commerce, and investments hub – an important destination in Thailand indeed.”

    Hua Hin boasts over 16,000 rooms (hotels and resorts)–which side by side with condominium projects (45,000 units) that are now already operating or under construction, and high-tech infrastructure systems such as the Bangkok-Hua Hin high-speed train and double-track railways in the pipeline–are major catalysts for a thriving tourism and commerce. The destination welcomes over six million visitors each year and more than 20,000 expats live in the town.

    In the last few years, Proud Real Estate has been developing more mixed-use projects in Hua Hin including the InterContinental Hua Hin Resort, Vana Nava Hua Hin Waterpark, and True Arena Hua Hin sport complex; and has committed to extending its investments and promoting famous attractions in the town.  But among it key developments, Blúport Hua Hin represents a huge step in achieving the company’s vision, Pasu says.

    “Tourism industry is one of the pillars of the Thai economy, and Proud Real Estate will continue to invest to improve the tourism standards in Hua Hin and Thailand and meet global standards in future,” he says.



    Blúport Hua Hin Resort Mall is nestled in a prime spot at the center of Hua Hin, Prachuap Kirikhan. The resort mall covers an entire 200,000sqm of land area right across the Intercontinental Hotel Hua Hin. The resort mall is described as an impressive architectural marvel that combines inspirations from famous seaside resorts such as San Tropez, the Riviera, Caribbean Islands, Mediterranean Sea, and Cape Town.

    These influences and inspirations were seamlessly ingrained in both the interior and exterior designs making Blúport Hua Hin a significant feat by itself alone.  But more importantly perhaps, Blúport Hua Hin Resort Mall was able to preserve Hua Hin’s innate charm, which has been attracting high-heeled tourists to the destination since it became popular among the local elite in the early 20s.

    What makes Blúport Hua Hin truly unique? Foremost perhaps, as we mentioned earlier, is its unique design and architecture. Even from a distance, the resort mall is an imposing landmark, a beautiful work of art that can only add to Hua Hin’s increasingly becoming more modern vibe.

    The humungous resort mall has been divided into distinct sections to fulfill every conceivable need of visitors and customers, from the 50,000sqm-department store and the shopping complex that covers 25,000sqm to the parking area, which can accommodate some 3,500 vehicles in its 100,000sqm land area.

    “It is thoroughly modern, utterly contemporary, a pure delight to the senses whether you are a pure shopaholic or sheerly a fan of big malls,” says one visitor who attended the grand opening in October.

    To complement its visionary concept, the owners and builders of Blúport left no stone unturned to give the resort mall the necessary elements to make it stand out. “This dream destination is the epitome of the shopping and entertainment lifestyle experience that excites with different designs for each zone,” Supaluck reiterates.

    Thus, a range of exclusively selected, top-of-the-line fashion merchandises, beauty, lifestyle living, sports, and digital technology products abound in the resort mall. To make it truly a one-stop lifestyle destination for everyone, Blúport houses famous restaurants and well-known cafés that will surely attract the hipster crowd looking for chic venues to chill-out.

    Other familiar luxuries are present as well, including Gourmet Market, a world-class gourmet destination that is known for selecting only the best produce from the world over; the Blúport Cineplex, which is a world-class cinema complex with six theaters; and the new and exciting Whaley Port, the first interactive underwater world theme park in Thailand.



    To make sure that shoppers and visitors will have the time of their life when visiting Blúport Hua Hin, the resort mall provided distinct zones that reflect the atmosphere it wants to impart.

    For example, the “Magical 7 at the Port of Pleasure”

    captures an oceanic atmosphere through sights, sounds, and scents. From the exterior to the interiors, one sees enchanting visual expressions of inspiration from many seaside resort cities. No detail has
    been overlooked, and even the staff uniforms were custom designed by ASV by ASAVA to make sure the entire atmosphere brings that nautical seaport theme to life. The sound complements the visuals.

    Songs and music — also inspired by many of the famous beaches of the world and mixed with some local music — for each floor are different, but all help to provide a shopping experience like no other. To complete the seaside illusion, a special aroma, “Blú Signature Scent” — produced by ERB and inspired by the smell of sea breeze during the sunset – envelops the entire zone to give a feeling of ultimate relaxation and freshness.

    At the “Fashion & Lifestyle Port,” one can discover the most complete line-up of world-class fashion and beauty brands spanning across the 18,000sqm space of Blúport Complex and Blúport Department Store. These include world-class fashion brands and well-known Thai brands such as H&M, Uniqlo, Kipling, Jaspal, Chaps, AIIZ, X=ACT, Lyn Around, Shoe Bar, and Naraya. There’s a section here called “Beach Story,” billed as the first lifestyle fashion concept store in Thailand, which gathers all kinds of beach accessories in one place from beach resort wear, sarongs, and bikinis to sunglasses, beauty products, and more.   

    A zone called “Portwalk,” the eclectic seaside shopping village with over 200 shops and stalls, offers lifestyle goodies, fashion shops, trendy home décor stores, home spa products, DIY craft shops, florist, and food trucks – all in an area covering 10,000sqm.

    What makes Portwalk different and alluring is its atmosphere. Instead of feeling of shopping within the confines of a closed mall, you feel like you are just walking in a famous beach location or a chic
    beach resort, thanks to especially designed sections such as Seaside Village and Street Village.


    For those whose needs are more basic and familiar, Blúport Hua Hin has a Gourmet Market & Dining Port, which takes visitors to a spacious, premium supermarket (10,000sqm) where you can buy all the best products from around the world. Each item here has been meticulously selected for their freshness and superior quality.

    Also available are unique services such as “You Hunt We Cook” and “The Dock Oyster & Seafood Bar,” and “Pizza Bar by Petit Plasir.” There are many other customized services as well such as “Vacation Platter ” – seafood, charcuterie and cheese, or oyster – which caters to every dream party planning. Other convenient ad hoc services are available of course.

    For foodies and gourmet dining connoisseurs out there, Blúport Hua Hin boasts a selection of some the best international restaurants and cafés, including over 100 shops under the design concept, The Dining Port, which gives familiar names in eateries such as Dean & Deluca, The Coffee Club, Peppina, Wine Connection, Coca Restaurant, eatview by est. 33, Holly’s Coffee, the Coffee Club, and Sushi Hiro, a sleek, new twist. Even several famous restaurant names from Hua Hin and Pranburi that opened a branch here received improved facelifts.

    For those who are visiting in search of fun and adventure, Blúport Hua Hin presents the 2,000sqm-Whaley Port – the first interactive underwater world theme park in Thailand. Built to the tune of THB 200-million, Whaley Port is divided into three zones: Interactive Port, a new kind of playground that uses interactive technology and mapping projection, which is the newest innovation from renowned gaming companies in Japan and South Korea; Play Port, an adventure zone that explores the enormous whale’s belly and other fun playground essentials such as the slider and an enormous ball pit playpen; and Game Port, an exciting games arcade that brings Japan’s superior technology to Thailand.

    And of course, what is a mall without a multiplex? Thus, Blúport Cineplex by the Major Group, a world-class 1,200-seater cinema house with special VIP seats in six theaters that have gone through the stylish resort interior design makeover and fused with the best technologies.

    ร้านอาหารใน dining port

    There’s the Blú Concierge and Tourist Services to enhance exclusivity and convenience of shoppers. These facilities make services such as restaurant reservations and providing important tourist information and services such as currency exchange, VAT Refund, and delivery service easier and hassle-free.

    Last but not least, there’s the stunning Blúport Department Store, which promises a most relaxing and delightful shopping experience within a 25,000sqm dream destination that was designed to transport visitors into a unique shopping experience in a seaside resort. As can be expected, the department store offers the best of the best brands in every conceivable products and goods category.

    “Blúport Hua Hin Resort Mall easily fulfills the requirements of people yearning for a delightful shopping experience and premium services essential to a relaxed, modern lifestyle,” says Supaluck. “Modesty aside, we truly believe that it can without doubt be called the ‘World-Class Resort Mall Destination of Asia’ — and the pride of Hua Hin!”