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    4 exciting new spots in Sathorn

      /  RESTAURANTS + BARS   /  4 exciting new spots in Sathorn

    More new places, which you should be visiting for food and drinks on Sathorn Road.

    By Posh Wattanaporn.

    Clandestino Cantina

    The Place: Revolucion Cocktail Bar has opened a Latin restaurant on its second floor. Called Clandestino Cantina, it is already receiving raves for doing the Hispanic pastiche right. This place is committed to serving great Latin food with a modern twist – says Mexican chef Gabriela Espinosa – but you’ll love the vibe as well: colorful paintings on the wall, dim lighting, and a wood-burning oven that contributes to giving off a convincingly “clandestine” feel.


    The Food: “Tartara de Pescado” (THB360), which is salmon and sea bass tartar with ginger, lemongrass, combava, and coconut foam – and simply irresistible with flavors that are fresh and fierce. Cheese lovers will love “Queso fresco” (THB310) as they will discover a rich-tasting fresh pieces of Burrata cheese topped with grilled bell peppers and eggplants that are tender, lightly charred all over, perfectly cooked, and sprinkled with sweet balsamic reduction. The plate is small but good for sharing. Crispy roast “Pork Belly” (THB550) is crispy and crunchy. Braised and cooked sous-vide, it is served with spicy carrot puree, corn, and Jerusalem artichoke – really perfectly crisp on the outside and moist on the inside. Also, don’t miss Tortilla Royal (potato omelet) (THB190), deconstructed tortilla served with caramelized onion confit Clandestino style with deep fried egg yolk and potato mousse, served in a little jar.


    The Drinks: Try fresh and spicy “Moscow Mule,” a combination of Angostura Bitters and Pimento Ginger Beer that will surely add that extra spicy kick off to your night; and the signature drink “Aged Negroni” with fresh passion fruit, blueberry, strawberry, and orange balancing out the trio of Beefeater gin, Campari, and Sweet Vermouth.


    Why go: For the great Latin food and the lively atmosphere, what else! It is perfectly fit for hipsters to come and mingle for drinks and dinner. The staff is attentive and friendly.


    Rating: 4/5

    Clandestino Cantina, 50 Sathorn Soi 10, Bangkok
    Open: Tuesday – Saturday, 7 p.m. till late
    Tel: 02 235 4823

    Morimoto Bangkok

    The Place: Masaharu Morimoto, best known as one of the “Iron Chefs America,” recently opened his very own Morimoto in Bangkok, which is definitely one of the most exciting openings in town this year. Chef Morimoto first opened his eponymous restaurant chain in Philadelphia after training in Hiroshima, Japan, and New York’s Nobu. After that, he opened branches across the US, as well as Wasabi by Morimoto in Mumbai and New Delhi, Morimoto-XEX in Tokyo and more recently, Morimoto Bangkok. Located at Mahanakhon Cube, which is currently the talk of the town after it opened as the tallest building in Bangkok today, Morimoto Bangkok occupies an entire floor, and has sections for both individual or group dining. Morimoto Bangkok provides 165 seats within the woodsy dining room. You can select to sit near the semi- open kitchen or a terrace overlooking MahaNakhon building. There is a bar area designed with pre-and-post dinner drinking in mind.


    The Food: Chef Morimoto and executive chef Arnaud Drouville, head chef of Bangkok kitchen, have introduced dining experiences with local ingredients and regional flavors. Must-try is “Tuna Pizza” (THB390), which is Morimoto’s signature dish. The pizza base is created from a crispy tortilla crust topped with tuna sashimi and a sprinkling of a tangy anchovy Aioli, olives, tomatoes, and jalapeño. The appetizers are fun, unique, and beautifully presented. Try “Rock Shrimp Tempura” (THB320) with spicy kochujan and wasabi aioli. It’s also the best-selling dish in New York!


    The inspired entree, ishi yaki buri bop (THB590), Korean style mixed rice with seared fresh Hamachi on top of sushi rice is served hot at your table in a hot-stone bowl.  The “Wagyu Beef Carpaccio” appears mysteriously light and luxurious. Best enjoyed with good sake.


    The Drinks: The beverage program, created by a team led by renowned mixologist Shingo Gokan, features a list of cocktails made with traditional Japanese spirit ingredients They include Japanese whiskies, umeshus, sakes, and shochus. Try the special cocktail called “The Yuzu.” The small but excellent selection of sakes deserves special mention.


    Why go: With its excellent food and drinks and “chill” atmosphere, we highly recommend a visit. The talented Morimoto brings an inventive menu here, and you better check out “Angry Chicken.”

    Rating: 4/5

    Morimoto Bangkok 
    4th floor, MahaNakorn Cube Building, Silom, Bangkok
    Open: Daily 11:30 a.m.- 2:30 p.m. for lunch and 6 p.m. till late for dinner
    Tel: 02 060 9099 

    Mikys Cocktails Bar

    The Place: Last month, Sathorn welcomed a new charming speakeasy, Mikys Cocktail Bar on Pan Road, thanks to mixologist Michele Montauti, former head mixologist at J. Boroski and House on Sathorn. The name Mikys comes from the nickname that Michele got when he moved to Bangkok, where people found it hard to pronounce his name. Mikys is a place where Michele and his partner want everyone to immerse himself or herself, and enjoy, their signature drinks. The décor has a cosmopolitan lounge feel with high rich dark leather chairs and a wooden bar to create a genuine ambience. The design concept is simple with one exception, the painting of an imaginary creature by the popular Bangkok street artist, Muay.


    The Drink: Do you love unexpected flavors? Try “Julie” (THB340), a sweet flavorful garnish with pure white flower, and a mix of Broker’s gin, Mancino Bianco, earl grey tea, jasmine syrup, lime and egg white. It has become the most popular drink at Mikys so far. For the stronger cocktail with whiskey base, “Meticulous” (THB340) is a good choice for you. It’s a mix of Evan Williams Whiskey, fresh watermelon juice, cinnamon syrup, lime and chocolate bitters. “In Pan Road” (THB340) is named after the road where the bar is. Michele sees Bangkok as a land of fresh fruits and so, he creates drinks with Don Julio Reposado tequila, elderflower liqueur, pomegranate juice, rosemary syrup, lime and celery bitters.


    The Food: The cuisine is presented in bite-sized servings created by Chef Davide Calo, the executive Chef from OPUS. The menu is small but perfect for the place. For appetizers, be sure to try the Fin de Claire (THB490), fresh oysters imported from France and topped with shallot and vinegar dressing. You’ll love the very fresh, rich flavor and with a slight sweetness. Another comes in small pieces, Salmon Cubes (THB 290), which is marinated salmon, caramelized onion, orange, strawberry and balsamic caviar. With only four pieces per serving, you will probably want to ask for more.


    Next up, Beef Fajitas (THB490) packed with Australian beef tenderloin, peppers, tomato confit and honey mustard sauce. The quality of meat is taken very seriously here. The premium 42-month seasoned Iberico Bellota Ham (THB790), is perfect for any company gathering.

    Why go: Michele will impress you with his fine drinks and great hospitality. Food, created by Chef Davide, the executive Chef from OPUS, is fantastic.

    Rate: 4/5

    Mikys Cocktail Bar 
    64 Pan Rd, Silom, Bangkok
    Open: Monday–Saturday, 6 p.m. till late
    Tel: 02 637 8368

    Soufflé and me

    The Place: “Because Giving Time Is Love” is the main concept here. The food, by Chef Thanunya “Gai” Kaikaew, who is best known from Iron Chef Thailand TV show, displays a distinct playfulness that makes them hard not to like. The adorable enchanting white wood house in the leafy garden is decorated Colonial tearoom-style, with white furniture that creates a warm, easy-going atmosphere. The ground floor has a semi-open kitchen where you can see the chef and staff working, while there is a more private feel upstairs. Chef Gai said that his delicious, delicate souffle’ takes about 20 minutes to prepare but definitely worth the wait.


    The Food:  Try the signature dish, “Lobster soufflé” (THB980). This fresh live lobster flown in from Canada for guaranteed freshness and then grilled, goes perfectly with soufflé. While the main dishes get lots of attention, the desserts deserve just as much of the spotlight. Chef Gai specializes in sweets and she believes Soufflé has the aroma of romance. No wonder her restaurant is becoming the hottest dessert spot to check in. My favorite is the “Nutella Soufflé With Grilled Caramelized Banana” (THB260), which is so rich and definitely one of the best Nutella Soufflé around. Next is the “Osaka cream soufflé with honey ice cream” (THB280), which feels like silk in your mouth.


    The Drinks:  Summer Fairy (THB260)–a mix of infused gin from butterfly pea and mixes with lychee syrup, cranberry juice, yuzu juice, and mint leaves—is simply magical!

    Why go: I think the reasons are quite obvious with what I mentioned above!

    Rate: 4/5

    Soufflé and me 
    417 Narathiwas Soi 24, Narathiwas Rd., Bangkok
    Open: Daily, from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. 
    Tel: 02 674 0442