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    7 reasons to visit Habito, Sansiri’s first retail mall project

    In the true definition of “The Heart of Good Living,” Sansiri PLC’s first retail mall project ensures quality living pursuits to residents of the T77 area 24 hours a day!

    By Percy Roxas.

    Habito, the new hub of international creative lifestyleSansiri PLC recently opened its first retail mall project. Dubbed as “the new hub of international creative lifestyle,” Habito is located in the heart of Sukhumvit 77 (Onnut 1/1), in a residential community also called T77 where Sansiri’s seven residential developments are also located. Sansiri is Thailand’s leading fully integrated real estate developer. According to Sansiri spokespersons, Habito is the first in Thailand to be developed by the renowned creative agency, Winkreative, the global creative agency ran by media mogul and editor-in-chief of the world’s A-list Monocle Magazine, Tyler Brûlé. Habito — derived from the English word ‘Habitat’ and the Japanese ‘Bito’ meaning people — aims to serve and support the lifestyle of over 5,000 families and fulfill quality lifestyle needs of over 10,000 households around the T77 area. The lifestyle hub boasts convenient facilities for hanging-out, working, learning, and living. What makes Habito a cool new place to be? We essay some great reasons:

    1. Location and Convenience

    Habito’s “feel-good ambience” is enhanced by its location, made very accessible by sky train and expressway systems nearby. The location becomes even more appealing, especially to families with kids, as a new Bangkok International Preparatory Secondary School is slated to open in the area next year. The residential project offers convenience not only to those living in Sansiri properties but also to other thousands of households residing in the area.

    Habito, the new hub of international creative lifestyle

    2. Hip Hangouts

    Besides the premium 7-Eleven store, selections of restaurants and cafes from around the world and many popular hip hangouts have made Habito their home. These include Saranghae, the brand’s first Korean BBQ buffet; Teien, Thailand’s first flagship premium sushi bar; Saeb Lai, which serves original Isaan cuisine; Papa Shabu Farm, the ever-popular container-store style shabu using homemade papa’s recipes; the award-winning Iroha Ramen & Izakaya, which serves original Japanese ramen; Tom N Toms Coffee, with a never-before-seen menu; Chairman by Chefman with its famous lava bun; and David’s Bakery with the sweet-tooth favorite loaded soft cookies. Other chic bistros are also coming soon such as the Mexican El Mariachi Taqueria; Korean fried chicken bistro, Choi Choi; the classic Italian Mont Calzone; and the street-style authentic Vietnamese Muiné.

    3. Health & Beauty Facilities

    Apart from eating and shopping, Habito also appeals to fitness and health buffs. There are full-on boxing-yoga hybrid classes at Rajadamnern Singha Muay Thai Academy (RSM), for one, and the place itself lends ideally to jogging activities. After working out, one can have their hair done at the Korean salon, Sunshine by Prestige. Topping off the lifestyle hub are fashion offers, such as genuine leather shoes from BSN Factory Outlet. Other service centers such as AIS, Siam Commercial Bank, HABITO Dental Clinic, and Kleen laundry shop are also situated within the Habito premises.

    Habito, the new hub of international creative lifestyle

    4. Co-Working Space & Creative Studios

    Habito features Southeast Asia’s largest co-creation community and co-working space, called Hubba-to, perfect to get your creative juices running. Collaboration between Sansiri and Hubba Thailand, Hubba-to is more than a mere co-working space. There are s Artisan Workshop spaces, which include seven studios: Dark Room, considered a rare item for the modern photography industry; Wearable Arts Room, which allows fashion designers to break the rules by inspiring them to develop more interesting creations with all related tools and equipment provided in the room; Ceramic Room, dedicated to crafted workshop of pottery, ceramic, and woodcraft; Screening Room, which aims to support cinematography and photography; and Marker Space, which is fully equipped with cutting-edge digital tools such as laser cutting machines and 3D printers. Open 24 hours, these special studios are designed to cater to varying needs of all designers from all fields, to elevate Thai designs to compete in the world arena, and ultimately, to create the hub for artists and creative souls.

    Habito, the new hub of international creative lifestyle

    5. Fun Facilities Galore

    Retail x Café x Food Lab
    is a 3-zone connected space where artworks and handicrafts collaborated with – the popular online handicraft network – are available for sale. Caffeine lovers will find pleasure in the Cafe zone with great quality coffee from Samyan’s well-known April Store. Sipping good coffee amid a relaxing ambience while enjoying over 3,000 impressive stories selected from the website Storylog can give one a relaxing, gadget-free time. For more proper meals, one can go to the Food Lab, where there is also a cooking workshop coached by professional chefs provided.

    6. Natural Living Space

    Habito, the new hub of international creative lifestyleOver 10,000sqm of ‘Natural Living’ space, inspired by Japanese architecture and culture, is available at Habito. Breezy, close to nature, and eco-friendly, the space is designed as semi-outdoor to benefit from the natural sunlight and airflow, thereby reducing the use of electricity. The space pays great attention to every lifestyle need of the residents. Mother- and child-friendly facilities, such as children’s toilets, breastfeeding room, are provided.

    7. Entertainment Offerings

    Habito has lined up entertainment activities for three weekends in a row, beginning in October. Guests are welcomed to taste the world cuisines, participate in culinary activities such as the art of table setting and cooking during the first week. The next weekend, they can enjoy handicraft activities and the fun playgrounds for both kids and adults. Every weekend, there will be special prizes and free giveaways for lucky participants, as well as mini concerts featuring famous artists and entertainers.

    Habito also provides Universal Access facilities for the disabled, along with a shuttle service to and from the BTS On Nut Station.