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    3 New Exotic Spa Treatments you must try in Bangkok

    With so many great spas in Bangkok and so many wonderful treatments to enjoy, how to we choose the best one? Not an easy task, for sure, but here are three new treatments that you must try:

    By Percy Roxas.

    Banyan Tree Spa’s “Candle Massage”

    banyan-tree-spa-grand-spaFrom the lobby, you take the lift to the  22nd floor where the newly revamped Banyan Tree Gallery is located. After the usual courtesies, a receptionist takes you down through a spiral staircase leading to the Banyan Tree Spa treatment rooms where your therapist awaits. Quickly you are taken to the room where your treatment, the new “Candle Massage” recently unveiled by the spa, will take place.

    As your feet takes a welcome bath, the therapist presents a choice of diffuser scents, which immediately help uplift the senses, and get you ready for what follows. Then you lie down the treatment bed face down and enjoy the experience.

    You eagerly await what’s unique with the Candle Massage. Without seeing what’s happening you try to use your other senses. You smell a whiff of lavender, eco-friendly your therapist says, and then you feel a touch of warm candle oil on your skin.

    “The use of soy massage candle creates a haven of relaxation with its glow while the melted candle oil offers warm therapeutic benefits,” says your therapist, and you agree. You give in, you just let her do her thing, and with flowing strokes — medium to strong pressure – she takes you into this blissful experience, tired muscles eased, and tension melton away rapidly.

    banyan-tree-deluxe-spa-roomMinutes passed and it could have been eternity, your journey to a word of bliss. But in fact, it was only 90 minutes, and when she wakes you up, you wonder why you can’t stay in the blissful world forever.  But wait, it’s not over yet. The treatment comes with a 30-minute Calm Time of refreshments and relaxation, and before you leave you enjoy delectable refreshments while sipping on your choice of soothing tea in the lounge area.

    A common spa ritual, you say? To some maybe. But in fact, this “Candle Massage” is a new treatment – just launched last month  to mark the Banyan Tree Bangkok’s 20th anniversary – and only available at the Banyan Tree Bangkok Spa (Tel: 02 679 1200, ext. 1524/1525, email or visit

    Harnn Heritage Spa’s “Sukhothai Passage”

    harnn-heritage-spa_treatments-1It is probably no coincidence that our continuing spa journey took us to this newly opened spa at CentralWorld (12M Floor, Zen Tower). Harnn Heritage Spa Krungthep blends unique Asian techniques and knowledge that have been passed down from generations to generation to finely craft exceptional signature treatments. Is it any wonder then, that for our treatment there, we selected “Sukhothai Passage”?

    Sukhothai is the birthplace of Siamese nation, from where present-day Thailand owes so many things. Taking inspiration from this, Bangkok’s latest luxury spa HARNN Heritage Spa Krungthep unveiled new treatments based on Asian holistic wisdom and cherished cultural heritage, all crafted to enhance the harmony of the human’s five senses for a balanced restoration of body and mind.

    This treatment, also dubbed “The Rise of Happiness” is an indulging ritual of blissful head-to-toe pampering. It begins with a soothing soak in Harnn’s original Herbal Tea Bath to prepare the skin for a revitalizing body scrub, which we really enjoyed, Then, we were given an acupressure foot massage to promote a balanced natural energy flow, making us even more ready for the Thai Aromatic Massage that followed.

    This massage relieves muscle tension relief, improves muscle tone, and replenishes the skin’s natural luster with natural massage oil. The Passage is completed with a facial treatment using White Mulberry extracts to preserve the condition of the skin while promoting a brightening effect.

    Of course, “Sukhothai Passage” is only one of the three tailor-made creations creatively named after the golden age of Siam (the other two are Ayutthaya and Ratanakosin); and 14 other therapies inspired by other distinct characters of Bangkok. Make a visit to this spa founded by the pioneering spa product of the same name (Harnn spa products), and enjoy a tranquil atmosphere as well within its grey-themed, luxurious space with contemporary design that covers 360sqm.

    If you think the Harnn Heritage Spa Krungthep at the Emporium is a great experience, you must try this one!

    Anantara Spa’s “Siam 2482”

    anantara-spa_bamboo-massageThe name was inspired by the history and traditions of Thailand. BE 2482 was the year the country changed its name from Siam to Thailand. To commemorate the year of BE 2482, Anantara Spa  (Tel: 02 126 8866, ext. 1525 or email: of Anantara Siam Bangkok Hotel weaves its exclusive signature treatment concept around this special number. Thus “Siam 2482” – the signature treatment.

    In this massage, “2” bamboo sticks are used. The, “4” refers to the type of massages provided in a single treatment: Thai massage, Bamboo massage, Thai Herbal Compress massage, and Foot Reflexology massage. The next number, “8,” refers to the pieces of indigo compress balls (hand-dyed using natural color pigment from local Butterfly Pea flower) used in your treatment. The last number, “2,” refers to gold leaves placed on the wish area of the left arm and left side of the chest to encourage the quieting of the mind.

    anantara-spa_treatment-room-4All in 90 minutes you will experience warm bamboo massage, healing herbal compress, acupressure, and Thai stretching exercise, which my therapist says, leads to increased energy flow and calming balance. It did! The herbal compress promotes healing and releases muscle tension. The bamboo stick massage stimulates the circulation, and the herbal oil massage and foot reflexology that follow soothe and wash away tension. The treatment ends in a so-called “mindfulness” ritual gold leaf patches placed on the wish area as mentioned earlier that caps your session.

    Anantara Spa – open daily from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. — is of course one of the most reliable and luxurious spas in Bangkok, and should be included in every spa-goers bucket list.

    And of course, there are more spas and spa treatments in Bangkok to recommend – just watch for them in this space in our coming editions!