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    Joy of new ‘discovery’ – Siam Discovery

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    Siam Discovery opens as Thailand’s ‘The Biggest Arena of Lifestyle Experiments’ – an exciting modern agora of the ultimate in high-tech, innovative shopping fun. 

    _DSC6355Siam Discovery recently opened its doors as Thailand’s largest lifestyle specialty store and ‘The Biggest Arena of Lifestyle Experiments’ after a THB 4,000-million re-build. The shopping center is owned and operated by Siam Piwat Co., Ltd., which also owns and operates prestigious retail developments such as Siam Paragon, Siam Center, and Paradise Park as well as the joint venture partner of ICONSIAM.

    “Siam Discovery – The Exploratorium marks the introduction to Thailand of a new concept; a hybrid retail destination that will be written as an important chapter in the history of the local retail industry,” said Chadatip Chutrakul, chief executive officer of Siam Piwat. “Visitors will see what they have not seen before at Siam Discovery. They will experience what they can never find anywhere else as they enjoy finding and discovering their true self.”

    Billed as “The Biggest Arena of Lifestyle Experiments,” Siam Discovery is packed with exhilarating experiences. Visitors are empowered to create the lifestyle that is right for them. It allows everyone to come experiment with new ideas and to mix a wide range of styles on offer inside Siam Discovery.

    DSC_8649“Every corner of the destination’s 40,000sqm is designed to become most accessible to the heart and soul of visitors, with a wide range of products presented in accordance with people’s story and interest to make their exploration more convenient and fun,” Chadapit said. From among a choice of more than 5,000 international and local brands of every price range, customers can conveniently choose, mix, match, try, and then try again so that their purchases are in line with their taste and needs.

    Also being introduced here are some of the most exciting new approaches to dining.  Food and beverage (F&B) outlets were closely integrated with retail and activities areas. More than 2,500sqm was dedicated to F&B across the entire building. It also introduces to Thailand one of the world’s most famous dining brands, which will be launched in late 2016.

    DSC_8925“What makes Siam Discovery different is that it offers a lot of exciting experiences throughout the venue,” Chadatip reiterated. “Products are presented as part of a story telling narrative that is engaging and interesting.  They share a products source of inspiration, its vision for the future, or small anecdotes behind its creation.  And what is a totally new phenomenon – the first time products and services are presented via this new approach which is breaking every rule of Thailand’s retail industry is our curated area called “Discovery Lab.” Currently visitors can find this Lab on the M Floor (the biggest one), and the first (Pillar), second (Escalator), and third (beneath the escalator in front of the room concept) floors.

    DSC_8674“We put together any products and services as well as activities that relate to a particular theme or story – a complete range of brands in one area for customers to enjoy choosing and buying products and services that suit their lifestyle and preferences in a single space,” she continued. Innovative digital technology is used to offer personalized experiences and communicate with customers in a friend-to-friend tonality. Visitors are invited to experiment with new ideas, to chat, advise and share stories to make a visit more fulfilling.

    DSC_8774Advanced communication tools, including the latest in multi-media and multi-screen technology, are available on every floor to communicate messages and create fun atmosphere for visitors. Siam Discovery has also invented a new tool called Siam Discovery Application, which is the most complete of its kind. More than just a mobile application, it marks the first time Asia that a mobile application and location-based service worked together to communicate with customers and present personalized information, stories, and benefits. This means offering the most advanced shopping experiences such as the best shopping companion who invites everyone to experiment with new ideas, chat, give advice and share stories.

    The application, which also allows customers to express their opinions or criticize/compliment at all times, comes with zone-based notification or personalized offers based on locations that will notify customers of news and information regarding special offers or promotions of interest to them.  This is another first in modern shopping experiences, steps ahead of all sales promotions and customer-relations campaigns of the past.

    DSC_7568“Siam Piwat has turned Siam Discovery into an art building that puts together designs by world-class artist across the building,” Chadatip said. “The effort reinforces Siam Piwat’s commitment to offer experiences beyond expectations to customers even as the company focuses on building an exciting destination that can compete with the best of the world.”

    Most noteworthy too is that everything is being done within an environment friendly and sustainable development framework. “Sustainability is taken into consideration every step of the way, and this will continue as we present more activities to raise awareness and encourage people to care more about society and the environment.“  Everything is done with personalized service, among many other USPs.

    Also, without the constraints of a particular brand or school of design, products are brought together under a single universal concept that puts customers at the center. Besides many imported brands, many of which are being launched in Bangkok for the first time, Siam Discovery also has its own shops selling unique products to match the requirements of discerning shoppers. And for fun-seekers, there are attractions such as Madame Tussaud’s and Toy Station to keep them busy.

    And that’s just for starters. Expect massive celebrations and lots of promotions to continue as Siam Discovery celebrates it big, grand, and phenomenal opening!