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    Escape & Inspiration: Ndol Streamside Thai Villas

      /  HOTELS   /  Escape & Inspiration: Ndol Streamside Thai Villas

    A hideaway not only to relax and de-stress but also to unleash your inspiration — Ndol Streamside Thai Villas in Saraburi just might be what you need!

    By Percy Roxas.

    ห้องนอนห้อง_s_1Dolchai Boonyaratavej, a Thai branding guru, has made his mark in many trades. Not surprisingly thus, he wants his foray in the hotel scene to be more than just about business. “The resort is me, this is what I am,” says the owner and designer of Ndol Streamside Thai Villas in Saraburi. He calls the resort more than just a resort hideaway. “This is a holiday escape that fills you with fantastic stories,” he says.

    Ndol Streamside Thai Villas (Tel: 036 342 4550), located in Muek Lek just an hour and a half from Bangkok, grew out of Dolchai’s desire to preserve Thai art and culture while sharing a special sanctuary with guests. In fact, he built it as a holiday home for his family. But as the people who wanted to experience his Saraburi sanctuary increased, he decided to expand the original home and create a real resort. Dolchai is also an architect, by the way.

    ห้องน้ำห้อง_s_1“The idea is to build a place where visitors can feel like they are special guests in a special Thai home,” says Dolchai. “Thus, while we strive to keep our service and facilities up to par with international standards, we were determined to keep our unique Thainess intact all throughout.”

    The resort is very Thai indeed — centered as it is on the traditional teak houses that were brought to its present location from Central Thailand. But is also very international, even if the beautifully furnished rooms and common areas showcase a rich and varied collection of Thai arts and Asian antiques amassed by Dolchai over the years.

    “The breathtaking array of artifacts reflects an astounding degree of attention to detail and individuality,” he states the obvious. “In a way, Ndol links Thailand’s legendary heritage with very contemporary standards of comforts and service to provide guests an experience of true elegance and originality.”

    ศาลาหน้าบ้าน_s_1Nestled on a four-rai land area edging a gently flowing stream that runs between Muek Lek and Jet Sao Noi Waterfalls, the resort boasts a completely natural atmosphere where one can truly enjoy peace and tranquility throughout their stay. There is a garden — with its water features, lotus ponds, orchids, and lush foliage all – that is a perfect backdrop for a kind of elegant Thai-style indulgence that Ndol cultivates.

    The antiques and objets d’art in each room give the place a distinctive feel and allow guests to enjoy not only a fantastic escape but also a visual journey of sorts. You can relax, unwind, and de-stress any way you choose, and recharge and be inspired to move on with your life when you leave the premises.

    ห้องรับเเขกห้อง_s_1And every corner tells as story, as he points out. The rooms, suites, and villas  — whether in the Siam Wing, The Oriental Wing, or The Villas – boasts individual décor and design. The 47sqm-Sukthohai Suite in the Oriental Wing where I stayed, for example, was inspired by the glory of the Sukhothai era and features unique Thai manuscripts, sangankhalok wares, and lavish silk.

    And since the resort is tucked away from the busy districts, you must enjoy the dining options provided at the resort – and thank them for it.  Why? Because food served here – at the main restaurant especially – is Royal Thai cuisine, culinary recipes handed down from the Thai royal courts of yore. The main restaurant embraces all-day breeze and features artifacts, antiques, and old Siamese paintings as décor as well.  And so does the three other F&B options: Summer Lounge, Amber Bar, and Café Tara. There’s a spa as well, featuring original products courtesy of Dolchai’s other personal interests., and a dedicated gym for those who cannot let go of their fitness routine even on a holiday.

    มุมนั่งเล่น_d_10We thought the resort could use a little bit more international-style operational management to further elevate to world-class the quality of its services. But as it is, there’s really nothing much to complain about. After all, if you’re staying at Ndol Streamside Thai Villas, you’re probably there for the peace and privacy more than anything else and you are bound to get them for sure. Getting your inspiration unleashed after all the available indulgence and pampering is simply a totally, utterly welcome, desirable bonus. Because, indeed, who wouldn’t want that?