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    2 Must-Stay Hotels in Krabi: Crown Lanta Resort and Aonang Cliff Beach Resort

      /  HOTELS   /  2 Must-Stay Hotels in Krabi: Crown Lanta Resort and Aonang Cliff Beach Resort

    Crown Lanta Resort, Aonang Cliff Beach offer great island holiday comforts, privacy, and fun.

    Grand View 01Krabi is home to many famous beaches and islands. We recently made an escape to one of Krabi’s less touristic island, Koh Lanta, before returning to the wilder side at Aonang Beach. This untouched, reserved island showcases a different side of the island life. Larger in size than most islands in Krabi but calmer in spirit Koh Lanta offers a glimpse of simple lifestyle of the local Muslim community. The unique architecture of the island’s houses and buildings is distinct to those of the capital in the mainland but nevertheless gives a vibrant impression with its color.

    Crown Lanta Resort, our holiday home in Koh Lanta, is just about two hours away from the Krabi Airport. The island recently built a connecting bridge between the two islands of Koh Lanta making it easier to move around, as previously, the ferries were the only routes of transportation.  We had a taste of the resort’s amazing services as soon as the van picked us up from the airport to bring us to the resort.

    Crown lantaThe resort stretches 22 hectares over the top edge of Koh Lanta. It overlooks the endless blue and has a private beach, which is home to some of the largest crabs one can see up close. The resort is separated into six different areas – Gazebo Deluxe Garden, Pool, Elegance Deluxe, Ocean Sunset Villa, Private Pool Villa and Grand Villa. Each offers different atmosphere and views of the island.

    But nothing beats visiting the Reggae Bar during sunset to soak in the last bits of the sun while enjoying the music, tapas dish, and a cocktail. Reggae Bar offers a great view of the beach. Sitting on top of the large rocks during weekend nights, guests can enjoy the light show, which are also performed at the dinner buffet at The Cliff restaurant. As the resort’s landscapes are rough to walk around, guests can easily call operator for a hotel-car pick up service to avoid climbing up and down hill. With the friendliest and service-minded staff members, Crown Lanta made it hard to say goodbye.

    ROmantic Krabi Aonang cliffMoving closer to the mainland in Krabi later, we visited Aonang Cliff Beach Resort, the sister hotel of Crown Lanta, which recently underwent an upgrade and now offers better views and better facilities. More modern, luxurious, and minimalistic, the new Aonang Cliff Beach sets a different tone from the entrance and its original accommodations.

    Staying at the Panoramic Suite made sure we had not only an amazing view but also enjoy the glass walls bathroom’s chic and luxurious feel because taking your eyes away from the sea view would be a shame. Retreat outside at the balcony and enjoy the private bathtub that overlooks the beach and islands while sipping a bubbly or visit the incredible infinity pool that is the hotel’s highlight.

    Aonang Beach, because it’s on the mainland, offers more activities especially as far as the nightlife is concerned. The hotel offers a good range of seafood and Thai-Western-Chinese dishes at their Seafood Dinner Buffet and drinks right in front of the hotel before discovering the wilder side of the city.

    Crown lanta IMG_6778