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    Yasothon Bun Bang Fai Festival, 13-15 May

      /  Events + Hot Deals   /  Yasothon Bun Bang Fai Festival, 13-15 May

    What: The “Bun Bang Fai Festival” is held in accordance to ancient Thai beliefs that supernatural powers can help rice production for the incoming rice planting season.  Thus, the local people create a rocket or ‘Bang Fai’ and send them to “heaven,” so the god of rain would bless them with plentiful rain for rice cultivation. So, the celebration is entirely to the god of rain. Many colorful events characterize the celebration but the highlight is when the rockets are fired from their launch platforms one by one. The rocket that reaches the greatest height is considered the winner.

    When: 13-15 May

    Where: Phaya Thaen Park, Mueang District, Yasothon

    Rocket Festival 4