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    Beyond Luxury – Conrad Koh Samui

      /  HOTELS   /  Beyond Luxury – Conrad Koh Samui

    Conrad Koh Samui promises a perfect beach holiday whether you are in the island for pure leisure or for sheer business.

    Looking over the infinity-edge pool of the Conrad Koh Samui Resort & Spa it is easy to imagine that your swimming pool reaches all the way to the azure blue horizon, and to be thinking something like, “the whole Southern China Sea: Mine.”

    Conrad Koh Samui (49/8-9 Moo 4, Hillcrest Rd, Tambol Taling Ngam; Tel: 077 915 888) is a luxury all-pool villa property set on an entire-hillside on the southernmost tip of the island overlooking Taling Ngam Bay, one of the most picturesque parts of Thailand. All the 80 pool villas offer generous views of the Gulf of Thailand.

    Conrad-Royal-Outside-TerraceThe resort’s owns an ample number of 25 acres in the southwest tip of Koh Samui, and views are accordingly clear and tranquil. Cyan blue. Down spreads the white sand of Aow Thai Beach, and forward, the sea, which is like an eternal temptress luring you to swim. But each villa has a 10-22.5m pool, if you prefer leisurely swims, sunbathing sessions, or pool plays in private setting – like us.

    But there’s more to enjoy in this property than just the sea views. Nestled on a green hilltop, it is surrounded by a lush forest that ensures privacy and quiet. No inadvertently shared neighbors´ snores, no full moon party soundtracks — only the calming lull of the ocean.

    All of the villas are furnished in contemporary Thai-style, with original artwork; and bedrooms and bathrooms are conveniently large, with one window-wall that opens to a balcony adding a feel of space. But our villa is even more spacious, posh, and luxurious. The Conrad Royal Ocean-view Pool Villa, which is the suite in the resort, is really something.

    Our pool villa boasts blackout curtains, signature bedding, luxurious 250 thread count sheets, a choice of pillows, throw blankets, and an alarm radio. Luxurious, undisturbed, yet controllable sleep is obviously given high priority. And If something comes up, housekeeping is available to assist with any further wishes, like a change of a pillow 24 hours a day, as we have experienced it.

    Everything in the villa is incredible indeed, and one is awed by even the smallest details used in its construction.

    Conrad-Royal-BedroomDesigned with the island setting in mind, it does not exclude the latest technology. One deductive reason, is like all modern resorts, Conrad Koh Samui must compete for the business travelers´ favor with better-connected resorts in the whole region of Southeast Asia.

    This is why Conrad has many gimmicks for a vacationing high-flying geek. Name any high-tech highlights you might require during your stay and chances are, they have it, state-of0teh art, no less.

    But the professional, entertaining technology is just one side of it. Conrad Koh Samui pays special attention to the overall functionality of the villas, thus making it both perfect whatever your reason for a visit might be. While for us, the villa is a temporary holiday home as we came during the Songkran break, it could also serve as a potential office, if we were coming here to do some business some other time. Indeed, even the most affordable One Bedroom Pool Villa has a long list of work-related amenities.

    Probably because of its secluded location, Conrad Koh Samui offers a considerable amount of services; it’s a veritable world in itself.  There are three restaurants and two lounges. A wine cellar with over 3,000 vintages operates in the premises.


    The flagship restaurant Jahn Restaurant deserves our special mention.  Set atop a plunging cliff with dramatic views of the southern Taling Ngam coast, the restaurant is often regarded as a jewel in the crown of the island’s increasingly sophisticated dining scene.

    Conrad Koh Samui Jahn Sunset

    Jahn means “moon” in Thai, and like its namesake, the restaurant is mostly radiant, especially in the evening. Lighting is dim, music is soft, and conversations are muted.

    The menu lists the usual suspects but with a definitive Western flair (you will love the wagyu beef with massaman sauce and lemongrass rice!), and with a new menu being introduced even as we were writing this, it is really no surprise that Jahn remains a byword among many Samui foodies. A mere enumeration of the dishes in the menu does not give justice to the care that the chef apparently showers the dishes but the contented, happy faces that we saw at the other tables during our dinner prove that the diners are aware of that fact.

    It is also worth mentioning that the service staff speaks excellent English, knows the menu pretty well, and are attentive without being intrusive. With only 28 seats, advanced reservations are highly recommended.

    Conrad Koh Samui also boasts a spa with designated beauty, holistic, and wellness programs, besides having a fitness center that offers yoga, tai chi, Thai boxing, and aqua aerobics classes. Seeing the professionally equipped spa, you immediately realize how it makes sense that some people come to this part of the world not because of mai tais but because of a detox.

    To say that Conrad Koh Samui has all the ingredients for a perfect beach holiday might sound like a PR line, but once you’ve been there, you know that this more than just a sound bite or a catchphrase.

    Whether for leisure or for business, Conrad Koh Samui has something to offer every guest, from pristine nature to high-tech in-room entertainment, from great sea views to unforgettable wine & dine experiences, and not to mention, a fruitful setting for daydreaming of almost megalomaniac proportions.

    It is up to you to make a visit and find out for yourself.