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    Heart for Service – Apichet Sakultanard, Chaophaya Park Hotel Bangkok

      /  HOTELS   /  Heart for Service – Apichet Sakultanard, Chaophaya Park Hotel Bangkok

    Apichet Sakultanard, a concierge at the Chaophaya Park Hotel Bangkok, says he always carries his ‘heart for service’ to work every day.

    by Earth Saiswang.

    Apichet Sakultanard - Chaophaya Park Hotel BangkokHe could have been a policeman but Apichet Sakultanard became a hotel concierge instead. He’s been a concierge at the Chaophaya Park Hotel Bangkok on Ratchadapisek Road for 10 years now, and he has no regrets. “I think it is in my nature. Nothing makes me happy than making other people happy, and this job gives me lots of opportunity to do that,” the 53-year-old Apichet tells Lookeast.

    Like all concierges, Apichet’s typical day involves standing by at the main lobby area, taking good care of the guest’s belongings, and providing information that guests might need during their stay. It could be giving simple information like finding the best shopping mall or it could involve catering to more complicated guest requests but Apichet says there’s no job like they have as concierges. “It gives me the opportunity to take care of my guests,” he explains, “and I’m happy to have that opportunity. I carry my service heart with me to work every day!”

    Apichet shares with us some tips he usually gives to his guests at Chaophaya Park Hotel Bangkok:

    Best Thai restaurant – I always recommend Al Tara Restaurant because it is just abut two minutes walk from our main hotel building. It has a very nice atmosphere, and the food is great too!

    Best chill-out places – For me, there’s nothing like chilling out with friends, preferably at a beer garden by the Chao Phraya River. So I always tell them to try that. Just being there, having small talk with your friends or loved ones while watching the vibrant heartbeat of the River of Kings unfold amid a cool, al fresco atmosphere is truly enjoyable!

    Best shopping venues – Bangkok tourists have always been curious about Chatuchak, which is the biggest open air shopping market in Asia, so I tell them to go there first. If they prefer high-end shopping, then I tell them to go around the Sukhumvit Road area, where several big malls are located. Our hotel is close by the MRT station – just about four minutes walk – which connects directly to the BTS station, which goes all the way to the shopping centers along Sukhumvit up to Morchit (Chatuchak).

    How to avoid pimps, hecklers, and scammers – Every travel destination has unscrupulous elements. The best way to avoid them, especially for first-timers, is to keep away from strangers. Visitors must bring their commons sense with them at all times.

    Best way to enjoy their holiday – If they are staying long enough, I would recommend visiting other destinations outside Bangkok such as Pattaya, Hua Hin, and Phuket. Bangkok is a great city to explore, but venturing outside will give them a more complete experience.