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    Glimpse of Heaven – Khao Koh in Petchaboon

      /  DESTINATIONS   /  Glimpse of Heaven – Khao Koh in Petchaboon

    Wake up to a whole new world above an ocean of fog at Khao Koh in Petchaboon – a heaven on earth, if ever there were one.

    by Rich Kantita.

    Khao Koh Petchaboon tentsHave you ever dreamed of sleeping on the clouds? Take road 2196 and enjoy a glimpse of heaven. This bucket list destination – Khao Koh, Petchaboon – gets you closer to that dream of sleeping on the clouds. Wake up to a whole new world above a sea of fog. If there were heaven on earth, Khao Koh must be it.

    Only a few kilometers away from Phitsanulok, Loei, and Nakhon Sawan, Khao Koh sits in betweem Thung Salaeng Luang National Park and Nam Nao National Park of Petchaboon.

    There are plenty of amazing hotels around the verdant area but nothing beats camping out under the stars, waiting for the first sunlight to kiss the earth, and for the clouds to fill the valleys that surround the area and form a spectacular ocean of fog. Words cannot even describe what my eyes see. Even though our trip occurred sometime ago, the memories still linger. We drove up the mountains to set-up camp before sunset. As we eat and sing and watch the stars above us—you hardly see stars like these in the city—its as if time has stopped. The nights at Khao Koh can get pretty cold but thankfully, we prepared winter coats and blankets to snuggle in and some hot cocoa.

    Just before the chicken from some village began to cock-a-doodledoo, the noise of an eager crowd, who got up timely enough woke us up in time to adjust our sleepy eyes to see a hint of sunlight. A sea of fog usually forms every morning during rainy and winter season and disappears as the heat rises during the mid-morning; more fogs are formed on less windy days. It was amazing.

    Tip: Make sure the trip is more than one night as these fogs are unpredictable. Although the weather forecast has been doing a pretty decent job, it is better to be safe than sorry, and you do not want to miss it. Keep in mind that even if you plan to camp-out around along the mountains during the holiday season, spots are tight. Booking with a hotel for a camp spot is highly recommended.

    Must see: Wat Pha Sorn Keaw, nestled on top of Khao Koh, offers not only an impressive 360 degree view of the mountain ranges and endless blue skies, but also, the design of the temple is unlike any place else. The floor, walls, and stands of the temple are like a colorful mosaic of rocks and bricks as they shine beautifully with rays of red, blue, green, and more.

    Besides the temple is a large imposing white statue of Buddha in five positions, sitting on top of each other like a mirror view, reflecting the different life stages of the Buddha, from when he was a young boy up to the time that he reached Nirvana.