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    Balance of Life – Balanze by Hyrdo Health

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    Balanze by Hydro Health 2Conveniently located at the 4th floor of the upmarket Erawan retail complex in Bangkok and directly accessible via the skywalk from the nearby BTS Chidlom station, Balanze by Hydro Health has established a strong reputation as aglobally recognized aesthetics and detox center with comprehensive rangeof services. Now in its 12th year of operation, the medical spa offers wellness, body contouring, signature massages, weight management, botox, health screening, and much more. The core aim is to bring balance to its clients’ hectic and pressured urban lifestyles through tailor-made health programs.

    Detox service is a main focus, with Colon Hydrotherapy. Also called Colonic, water used in the treatment undergoes as many as five stringent purification processes. The colonic water is treated by reverse osmosis leaving it as clean as those used by hospitals around the world. The process gradually removes waste and toxins from the colon with a gentle stream of water.

    Unlike traditional steam saunas, Balanze’s infrared sauna treatment slowly increases body temperatures without the application of very hot air, which can often create breathing problems and dry the skin out.

    Huge investment in state-of-the art equipment, luxurious facilities, and total privacy make Balanze by Hydro Health an oasis of serenity and quality in the heart of the city. And you are sure that highly trained and professional personnel are on hand throughout every treatment. – By Christopher Scott Dixon