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    Lifestyle Curators for Thailand + Southeast Asia

    The Commons

    DSC_6655Like a birds’ nest but filled with toys for us to play with, The
    Commons is the new hip spot for all to work, relax, enjoy, and
    interact outdoors. The four-storey building incorporates a brilliant
    design that allows the place to breathe and looks accessible in every
    way. With the idea of havingg people gather round like a backyard,
    the entire first and second floor have seats that are not owned by
    any particular store. Enjoy picking out different restaurants and
    cafes to buy food and join in together at the table without wasting
    half an hour deciding one place, when you can have it all.
    The building is divided into four different zones, Market,
    where different food and beverages are sold in a market-like space,
    each one with their own specialties like Maison Jean Philippe,
    famous for their artisan bread; or Roots Coffee, for their famous
    cold drip coffee; it even has what is called Common Ground,
    where visitors can enjoy the outdoorsy landscape and get more
    up-close to the natural surroundings. Village is where eight small
    shops stand independently in a garden setting offering small
    indulgences such as homemade ice cream, vintage clothing store, gadgets, and stuff. Some of the newest highlights are Sourced DSC_6690Grocers, a soul food deli and grocery store, Barrio Bonito, funky Mexican restaurant with amazing drinks and Track 17, vintage train bar with fun games and cool cocktails. Last but not least, Play Yard is designed for kids and events. Little Pea area here is for kids to have fun activities, a space for families to enjoy the outdoors in a safe environment. Adults can work out at the Absolute You while kids enjoy creative arts in their own room. Top Yard is an open space on the highest floor, with gardens and communal green space for activities such as crafts, planting classes,
    and learning more about nature. Check them out if you still haven’t!