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    Hot Beach Fashion

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    When hot, hotter and hottest are the only climate in this tropical country, where to escape but the beach? And who says you don’t have to be fashionable when you go to the beach?  Lookeast searched for some of the new, trendy beach fashion that should be on top of your Instagram or Facebook following list. Not only are they internationally known, some of them are home-based.


    Based in Australia, this swimwear company has opened its very first store Thailand, in Hua Hin, in August 2015. But more stores are planned for opening in the coming months in Bangkok, Phuket, and Pattaya. Bright colors and its recognizable style in strip patterns creates a lively and fun spirit to any that wears the swimwear. Their simplistic yet bold design easily makes them the bikini lovers’ favorite. With over two million followers online and veritable brand ambassadors such as model Hailey Baldwin, it is one of the most sought after bikini brands around. You can become a Traingl girl by grabbing one of your own. Available online at or contact 087-811-4917 for further questions.


    One of the internationally well-known swimwear brands that is home-based is by a Thai designer who put her love for the sea into reality — Khongboon Swimwear. With all of them handmade and designed with custom prints and soft buttery fabric, this seamless comfortable swimwear will make a statement on any type of bodies. Featured in L.A Swimweek last year, grab them now and to be in trend. Available online at or email: for more information.

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    Summer Clothes

    Summer Clothes Swimwear is a Thai brand that puts the passion of summer and swimwear into one unique design. Their belief is to create a durable yet comfortable material that beach lovers can endlessly enjoy in this warm land. The collection features a fun vintage look called Bambolina, a sophisticated In to the Wild collection for animal print lovers, AQUA is another vintage one-piece and bikini collection in aqua blue and white and GG x Summer Clothes Collection for the hot one-piece trend and jumpsuit. Available online at or contact 092-914-1424 for enquiries.