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    Lifestyle Curators for Thailand + Southeast Asia

    My Favorite Place – March 2016

      /  DESTINATIONS   /  My Favorite Place – March 2016


    Natthadol PatthamadilokName: Natthadol Patthamadilok

    Age: 45

    From: Bangkok, Thailand

    Job: District Manager, Ascott International Management (Thailand) Limited

    My favorite place: Bangkok, especially the shopping malls

    Bring there: Your family or your loved ones, credit cards, and reusable shopping bags

    Must-do: There are many fun and edutainment places in Bangkok, where you can bring you family members and spend quality time together, like I do; these include KidZania Bangkok, Sea Life Ocean World, and Museum Siam.

    Don’t-do: Drink and drive. You’re better off using public transportation, which is super-convenient in Bangkok; or, find the nearest hotel to rest.

    Must-see: Bangkok is a charming city and you will never get bored of it. Despite the busy traffic and the concrete jungle in Bangkok, I would recommend a visit to Lumphini Park for the fresh air, the greenery, and calm atmosphere. This park offers various kinds of activity for Bangkok people who want to stay fit and firm. You can do tai-chi in the morning, jog in the evening, or enjoy paddle boat riding on weekends.

    Eat at: I love trying local foods from street vendors; they are so yummy and affordable.

    Drink at: Nikko Cafe – it’s a Japanese lifestyle café on Sukhumvit 23 where you can enjoy a nice cup of fresh blended coffee. I’m a coffee lover, and not a fan of alcohol!

    Sleep at: Citadines Sukhumvit Bangkok — where you can feel at home anytime


    Marine LorainName: Marine Lorain

    Age: 28 

    Country: France

    Job/Profession: F&B Manager

    My favorite place: Chiang Mai is on top of my list, but really there are so many wonderful places to explore in the kingdom of Thailand, and I enjoy visiting them all –from the north to the south – when I have the time. It’s difficult to select just one.

    Bring there:  Your sense of adventure – at all times!

    Must-do:  Diving in Southern Thailand

    Must-see:  Big Buddha in Bangkok

    Must-buy: Fisher pants; they are so comfortable!

    Eat at:  I love Indigo French Restaurant in Bangkok because I feel so at home there; sorry that I am not a big fan of Thai cuisine as it is too spicy for me.

    Drink at:  Maggie Choo’s

    Sleep at: U Sathorn Hotel Bangkok, it’s like a resort in the city.


    Lorna Benos Coral-HornName: Lorna Benos Coral-Horn

    Age: 40

    Country:  Visiting from Vietnam/Philippines

    Job/Profession: Teacher/Freelance Photographer

    My Favorite Place: I love many places in Thailand but Khao Yai is the place to be.

    Bring there:  Hat, walking shoes, and your camera. Don’t forget to bring your long and wide-angle lenses.

    Must do: Visiting one of the wineries is very interesting, the wine tour will take at least over an hour, there is a tram (open ride) to take you around the grape yard, and the moment you arrive at the winery, they will show you the wine production process. There’s also a wine tasting at the end of the tour.

    Don’t Do: After spending weekend in Khao Yai, it’s better to leave the area after mid-day as late afternoon is always traffic when arriving in Bangkok.

    Must See: I am a serious amateur photographer and one of the places that I love to visit when getting subjects is at the National Park. Apart from enjoying the landscape and the views you will also have a great time taking photos of the nature and the wildlife. To end your visit, try visiting also the Tuscan village, there you will discover something unique. They have cute shops selling different kinds of Thai products, foods, restaurants and get entertained with their different themes.

    Must buy: Grape juice, jams, and wines produced in Khao Yai

    Eat at: all the local restaurants to enjoy Thai food

    Sleep at: Kiri Maya Resort – a romantic gateway for couples and family. Every villa at the resort has a great view of the natural scenery, perfect as you relaxing by pool. My husband proposed to me here!