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    Everyday is filled with Challenge

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    To proactively anticipate the guest’s complete requirements and ensure an overall successful experience for them make each concierge unique, says Atchara Lamonphrom Leblus, chief concierge at Dhara Devi Chiang Mai

    Atchara Lamomphrom Leblus joined Mandarin Oriental Dhara Devi as a GSO in 2004. Now 33 and married, she is currently chief concierge at the hotel, which had since rebranded as Dhara Devi Chiang Mai.

    “My job is filled with challenges on an every day basis,” Atchara describes her work. “There are lots of information to update, there are so many people meet, there’s a variety of questions to answer, and there’s so much to learn — thinking positively helps me enjoy my work.”

    Like most concierges, what she enjoys most is seeing people enjoy their holiday time, says the marketing major from Chiangmai University. “For example, when I see the faces of happy honeymooners enjoying their surprise private dinner, or when families enjoys a tour activity together, it feels great to feel deep inside that you have become part of their joy.  And when they give you their feedback and show their gratitude, you’re your effort, you know you have done something worthwhile.”

    The job also involves a lot of perks, she says, and she particularly enjoys being a personal shopper for guests. “I remember an American guest who would like to have the bed side lamp exactly the same as what she had in the resort’s villa and a red spirit house. She gave me the picture upon checkout, so I tracked down the supplier, show them the picture, and because they are out of stock, they have to build two new lamps and buy the spirit house too. We later shipped them to the US. It took some time as we have to recheck the specifications and detail to ensure they are getting the good product as they expected, but it was all worth it.”

    Atchara says with Lookeast some tips she gives to ensure the satisfaction of their guests at Dhara Devi:

    Where to dine out in Chiang Mai – Chiang Mai visitors should not miss to sample Northern Thai food, and I recommend Baan Rai Yam Yen, which is my favorite for its authentic food, good price, friendly service, and live folks music. They also have exotic dishes, if the guests are up to it.

    Where to take friends for a chill-out – Definitely, Nimman is the place to go. Also known as Nimmanahaeminda Road, this area is a rapidly growing chic quarter of Chiang Mai. The road is packed with coffee shops, teahouses, wine bars, sushi joints, live music restaurants, art and craft shops, trendy clothes stores, and boutiques with silly names that just walking along it is fun.

    Where to go for shopping — If you are looking for high-quality items such as cotton, silk, silver, gemstones, and celadon, visit Sankampaeng Road. There are many boutique and factories along the way featuring an array – from small souvenir items to the most precious one you could find in one trip.

    How to avoid pimps, hecklers and scammers — We let our guests know what to expect or avoid, such as what is the acceptable negotiate rate when haggling for a fare or bargain, and give them a hotel name card with contact number in case they need further assistance.

    Best way to enjoy their holiday — Try out activities provided by the hotel besides enjoying the usual half-day temple and city tours, riding elephants, getting a Lanna massage, or trying out Northern Thai cuisine to get a more complete experience of Chiang Mai