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    Two new places in Bangkok to add to your list of places to celebrate on Valentine’s Day

      /  RESTAURANTS + BARS   /  Two new places in Bangkok to add to your list of places to celebrate on Valentine’s Day

    By Rich Kantita.

    The romantic season is a great time to spice things up with your significant other and discover new things together. For those who are single and ready to mingle, you are in luck because Bangkok has an endless list of things to enjoy and its restaurants are among the best venues to enjoy Valentine’s Day. There are a lot of new restaurants, bars, and cafés dispersed around the city, so we hit up the most talked about spots to check-in and take a tasty journey with a little bit of added buzz.

    Warm Wood Café

    Warm Wood Cafe interior137/1 Soi Thonglor 10, 02-714-9974
    This all day brunch café is as hot as its name. While the classics are playing in the background, the delicious barbequed pulled pork and eggs benedict pancakes are served with a great selection of cocktails and beers. The Warm Wood Café sets the mood that is expected from its name. A soothing, friendly, and relaxing ambience allows customers to feel immediately at ease, and is the perfect location to bring your significant other on a sunny afternoon date.

    As the night arrives, the café slowly switches into a bar with deep house music playing to welcome the night owls. With their concept – “from our warm heart and crafty hands” – dates can enjoy sharing the deliciously crafted desserts. We recommend the Pavlova meringue with a soft middle and a crusty outer layer.

    This relaxing café sits in the busy nightlife area of Thonglor Road and just across from the more vibrant Wine Republic. It is the place to be for good conversations in a warm and extremely comfortable atmosphere. Good beer and refreshing cocktails on the menu definitely gives a fun twist to this otherwise calm café.

    Warm Wood Cafe Pancake and Egg



    Meatlicious Argentine Chimmichurri on plate8 Ekkamai Soi 6, 091-698-6688
    Cozy and homey, this restaurant sits just a few steps away from the busy road. From beginning to end, the owner, chefs, and staff welcome guests in the friendliest manner. Quickly, the tasteful journey begins with appetizers with a foie gras breakfast and tuna ceviche that will surely quell your appetite. The menu at Meatlicious may consistently change throughout the month thanks to the creative mind of one of “Asia’s 50 Best Chefs,” Gaggan Anand, but the recommended ones are here to stay, says the owner. Argentine Chimichurri is one that cannot be missed.

    We recommend medium rare for the real Meatlicious experience. Each bite is soft and juicy, and is accompanied with a herby sauce and grilled vegetables on the side. Another great beef selection that is recommended and should be booked ahead of time is the Japanese top quality beef, Miyazaki. The best beef grade is measured by the level of marble with A5 quality beef being the best, and therefore, the hardest to find. There is a wide selection of meat and chicken brought in from a local supplier, Tanaosree, who is able to farm domestic fowl that are naturally larger, providing more meat.

    Other main dishes include scallops in truffle sauce, Tomahawk, porridge, and desserts such as burnt ice cream. Living up to its name, Meatilicious has a friendly, vibrant, and active open kitchen that sets a lively tone to the place.  Definitely a place to visit but be sure to make a reservation as walk-ins rarely find seats at the restaurant. Couples can find a good table to sit and chat at, and the commotion of the kitchen on the background will hopefully help to break the ice for those on an awkward first date. Singles should book a seat at the bar close to the kitchen to watch the chef’s in action while sipping a beer. “Burnt. Beer. Burp.” is their motto and that is exactly what you should expect.

    Meatlicious Corn on the cob