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    Secret of Lanna Serenity – Oasis Oriental Secret Spa Chiang Mai

      /  LE Lifestyle   /  Secret of Lanna Serenity – Oasis Oriental Secret Spa Chiang Mai

    Newly opened Oasis Oriental Secret Spa Chiang Mai offesr enjoyable pampering and healing treats for all.

    by Rich Kantita.

    Oasis Oriental Secret Spa Chiang Mai3Overshadowed by large bamboos and different types of greenery, the Oasis Oriental Secret Spa sits along the banks of the Ping River like a secret refuge where one can experience pampering and healing treats passed down from the ancient Lanna kingdom. But the secret is out. This newly opened spa at 35 Rattanakosin Rd, Wat Gate, is fast becoming the new buzzword in Chiang Mai’s ever growing number of fulfilling day spas.

    Open daily from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m., the spa blends in perfectly with the surrounding nature, enhanced by an architecture that reflects the best of Lanna, Chiang Mai’s time-honored traditional art and design style.

    Oasis Spa’s fourth branch in this colorful northern city, the Oasis Oriental Secret Spa (Tel: 053 920 111; email:; has that exotic touch apparent in other popular spa hideaways created by Oasis in Bangkok, Pattaya, and Phuket, but with a uniqueness all its own. One needs to make a visit to experience this uniqueness.

    Oasis Spa Chiang Mai Oriental Secret7But as in the other Oasis, this tranquil little retreat will help make you feel more radiant, revitalized, and even transcendent. Each room is secluded and completely private, helping guests to easily immerse themselves in a state of mind conducive to utter bliss. The culture, the room’s aroma, the décor, the background music—everything–they all come together to create a delicate blend of relaxing as an art.

    I booked the signature package,“King of Oasis” package, which is a mixture of traditional and oil massage using hot compress and aromatherapy massage techniques. Putting emphasis on the shoulders and knee calves — or any particular part of the body depending on one’s liking and request — this spa package is a great stress reliever. This treatment is perfect indeed for big city people like us who might need special attention in relieving common office syndrome and pain from long hours of sitting in the traffic jams.

    This package is just one of the many treatments that Oasis Oriental Secret Spa delivers to an increasing number of local and foreign guests coming to it since its recent opening. If you come and the spa is fully booked – as it is almost always – don’t worry: staff members are willingly able to coordinate with the other Oasis branches for you to make sure that you get nothing less than an amazing experience.

    Oasis Oriental Secret Spa Chiang Mai2The King of Oasis package includes traditional massage, which unlock the knots in the body; at the right nerves and the right spots. You won’t be screaming in pain, and with the combined effects of hot compress and Traditional Thai massage, you’ll find the treatment utterly soothing. So, take a nap while your therapist is at it; relax and enjoy moments that you wish would never end.

    Each room has a private shower where you can rinse off before returning to the reception area to sip the warm herbal tea before you take off, like a brand new person, to continue your journey in the wonderland of Chiang Mai.