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    ‘Me-Hour’ Moments – The Monttra Pattaya

      /  HOTELS   /  ‘Me-Hour’ Moments – The Monttra Pattaya

    A newly opened luxury boutique hotel, The Monttra Pattaya skillfully combines luxury, pleasure, and personal service with simplicity and a true beach experience.

    by Percy Roxas.

    Pool MainOn a fine weekend, one can often yearn for a “magical” getaway experience. How about Pattaya? Do I see eyebrows rising and faces smirking? Couldn’t believe it myself, but here I am in Pattaya, and it looks like I’m debunking my own cynicism.

    “We’re now at The Monttra,” I hear the driver speak, finally after two hours from Bangkok, as the car was entering a non-descript gate right next to the Royal Varuna Yacht Club in Pratamnak Hill. “You are in for a cozy retreat to balance your hectic everyday life where all the most highly-prized assets of our world are to be found: nature, time, tranquility, and self-reflection,” he says. Really? In Pattaya?

    And at once the well-preserved tree canopy that welcomed me as I alighted from the car immediately released an exhilarating feeling. Am I really in Pattaya? For, beyond the glare and glitz of everything we associate with Pattaya, The Monttra seems like a peaceful, quiet refuge – the kind that one finds in Chang, Samet and the Kood islands, or somewhere in Phuket, Krabi, or Koh Samui.

    Canopy Suite 2The Monttra Pattaya (398 Moo 12 Rajchawaroon Rd // Tel: 038 306 333; Email: is one of the newest hotels in Pattaya. Situated in what was once an exclusive residential enclave, hidden amid a verdant section of the Royal Varuna complex and edging a narrow seaside cliff and a private beachfront, it was said to be the first foray into the hotel business for a wealthy Pattaya family who have been long associated with Pratamnak Hill. In a way, it was designed to be a kind of hotel that the owners themselves would love to stay in.

    My room was called a Sea Breeze Suite, one of the three located right behind the edge of a cliff that provides panoramic views of Koh Larn. Perfect for a “me-hour,” says my guide, and I nod as I surveyed the 53sqm-refuge. Like all 23 suites in this newly-opened luxury boutique hotel, mine was designed with a minimalist contemporary approach and an open space concept complemented with Thai accents that represented pure luxury and style.

    More than this, The Monttra cooks up some service offerings that are unique and never before seen in Asia. I mean, a “Soap Concierge” and a “Skin Supervisor”? And that’s just two of the many innovative services offered here. I thought just waking up to the dazzling sea views and beginning my day with a healthy breakfast in my own private garden would suffice. But the surprises just kept on coming: other services are provided on a complimentary basis on a rotating weekly program, such as “Monk Blessings,” “Kitchen Fun,” “Spine Fitness,” and more – in case you want a break from your exclusive privacy.

    Restaurant 2On my second day at The Monttra, I thought I should explore the premises so I began my day with a hearty breakfast at the Canopy Restaurant – a Thai restaurant that serves traditional dishes in a refined way. I already tried the in-room dining the night before, and because I was alone, I did forego the tempting option of a dinner on a seaside cave deck. The Canopy is a well-placed restaurant, to say the least, and one can sit here all day, watching other guests enjoy themselves at the sole swimming pool, sip some creative cocktails, do some work, or catch a sunset later in the day.

    But the highlight of my stay was probably a jaunt to the Jungle Gazebo, where I enjoyed my complimentary 20-minute massage, which is given to every guest as a welcome gift. The massage is so good; I ended up extending my treatment to two hours!

    To sum it all up, I really wasn’t expecting anything as wonderful as this. Throughout my stay, I was consciously waiting for a glitch, a slip, a goof – somewhere, somehow: but thankfully I wasn’t able to find any. And to think that the hotel was still on a test run during my visit!

    As if by “magic” – the meaning of the word “monttra,” as I was to learn later – I was able to enjoy a weekend in Pattaya that only reaffirmed my belief in the wonders of Thai hotels, wherever they are located. Indeed, this one skillfully combines luxury, pleasure, and personal service with simplicity and a genuine beach experience.

    As I cozied up under the soft white linen covers in my bed that night, I couldn’t help but feel a tinge of regret that I was leaving The Monttra so soon. Perhaps I could extend my stay for one more day?