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    Grand Opening of “Buriram Castle”, the new lifestyle community mall and landmark in Buriram by Newin Chidchob, on 13th February

      /  LE Lifestyle   /  Shopping   /  Grand Opening of “Buriram Castle”, the new lifestyle community mall and landmark in Buriram by Newin Chidchob, on 13th February

    Mr. Newin Chidchob’s Siva-Bana Company takes the vision and mission of Buriram province to build a new community mall with a unique identity, Buriram Castle. The venue is an exciting and attractive destination that invites you to eat and travel all in one place while you experience the beauty of the ancient Khmer civilization of the past merging with international standards and the global lifestyle.

    Buriram Castle opened with an investment of 370 million baht and promises to be a huge success as we count down to the grand opening on 13th February 2016.

    Newin Chidchob, owner of football team Buriram United, has created and established a number of eye-catching landmarks in Buriram, including the New I-Mobile, a FIFA standard football stadium with a capacity of 32,000 seats; the Buriram United International Circuit (BRIC), also known as the Chang International Circuit, for motorsport racing, which is the first standard FIA Grade 1 and FIM Grade A in Thailand and with a huge capacity of 50,000 seatsl; and Amari Buriram United, the number one football hotel of Asia. All of these sporting venues have become major selling points to Buriram that have enhanced the local economy.

    Newin Chidchob explains, “Landmark destinations in Buriram have created jobs and income for so many in this city, such as the football team, the racetrack and the hotel. The newest is Buriram Castle, which will be a boon to Buriram’s valued assets with an increase of not less than 200% to the surrounding land area. These venues bring in new numbers of tourists with scheduled activities. In the past, Buriram was merely a city to pass through. Previously our tourist numbers were only about 600,000 people a year. The football team brought this up to 1.8 million tourists a year. After the racetrack opened, and now followed by Buriram Castle, which will make the city’s tourism more integrated and offer more, it should surpass 2.5 million more people per year spending an average of 2,000 baht, which brings in at least 4-5 billion baht per year.“

    Buriram Castle is located between I-Mobile Stadium and the Buriram United International Circuit (BRIC) speedway. The design is modeled after the Phanom Rung site, and is the same size, including a light and sound system with a sunrise and sunset effect in 15 stages, as well as walkways and stairs, large rock gardens and cactuses.

    Buriram Castle, as a community mall, will have a unique Dining World Zone of which more than 80% is well known restaurants; a Fashion Zone with clothing stores and motor sport apparel; a Kid-Zone including tutorial schools, a playground; a SPA and BEAUTY Zone with a Health & Wellness World; and a food court. The mall will feature local activities, events, and will be a nightlife wonderland as well as feature and fascinating Buriram History Chamber. All zones comprise a total area of 35,268 square meters (6 hectares) as a excellent support to the expansion of tourism which has come to watch football or motor racing events. Tourists will be able to shop for souvenirs developed by the Buriram brand located right at the entrance. Expected tourist numbers are not less than 2.5 million visitors per year in the future, with a complementary growth of Buriram city. Buriram is targeted at building the national economy city as a tourist center of Khmer civilization offering career development, education and health as well as economic stability and social harmony in the city and surrounding communities.

    Another highlight is the “Great Shiva Linga”, which is the largest in the world and located in a green area of the city named “Garden Shiva 12”, setting the origin of the universe near Buriram Castle and set to become a new landmark and tourist attraction. Travelers from around the world will delight in taking and sharing their photos here.