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    A ‘Thank You’ is reward enough

      /  HOTELS   /  A ‘Thank You’ is reward enough

    Sophon Jodjam

    As a bellboy Sophon Jodjam helps create a good first impression for guests at asita eco-resort, and he says he is proud of it.

    by Earth Saiswang.

    He started as a security guard. But Sophon Jodjam, a Nakhon Nayok native, has been working as a bellboy at asita eco-resort Amphawa for almost a year now. It is a job he finds challenging for many reasons.

    “The asita eco-resort (lowercase intended) has trained me to become more useful, more multi-skilled, and more efficient in many areas of hotel operations,” he recently told Lookeast.

    “For example, I look after the green areas around the resort when the resort is not busy, but during periods of high occupancy, I get to help in the front office. I welcome guests, I carry their luggage, I escort them to their rooms, I support the Housekeeping Department at times, and I even get to help the banqueting team set up a function room when necessary.”

    Others might think his responsibilities as otherwise humble, but Sophon says he genuinely enjoys what he’s doing.

    “I like being able to help others, and looking after the needs of our guests,” he says. “I also enjoy being part of a team that is devoted to their responsibilities toward guests.” But most of all, he added, it’s the personal interaction with guests that makes his job more satisfying and there are lots of fun times too.

    “One time, I chased a monitor lizard at the car park, which was bigger than me,” he shares. “Then it suddenly turned to me, so I run and it ran after me. It’s embarrassing but at least I made the guests laugh.”

    Needless to say, Sophon gets to give asita eco-resort guests tips and recommendations on what they want and need, including:

    Where to go for the best Thai restaurant – I usually recommend the best seafood restaurant near the resort, in Samut Songkran, very close to the mouth of the ocean. But our resort also serves great tasting, fresh, healthy food!

    Where to bring their friends for a chill-out — Of course, the Amphawa Floating Market

    Where to go for shopping — There is no high-end shopping here, only a local market but most tourists enjoy that. There is something unique in shopping at a market along the train tracks, by the Mae Klong River, or the Damnoen Saduak and Amphawa floating markets.

    What’s the easiest way to get back and forth the hotel — asita eco-resort is located near Rama 2 main road and it’s only 65km from Bangkok (approximately one hour). There is a short cut for only 10 minutes leading to Amphawa Floating market and surrounded by many tourist attractions in this town.

    Best way to enjoy their holiday — Eat like local, shop like local and enjoy the local culture.

    “Knowing that we have made our guest happy is enough reward for all of us,” he concludes. “Really, a mere ‘thank you’ would be enough to make my day. I love this job, I love my work place, and my colleagues, and we are like a one big happy family here.”