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    Lifestyle Curators for Thailand + Southeast Asia

    This Month’s Winner – January 2016

      /  DESTINATIONS   /  This Month’s Winner – January 2016

    Khun Posh works as a secretary in Bangkok. A firm believer in the axiom, “Life is so short, explore the world now,” she travels every chance she gets. In this edition, she shares with us her recent trip in one of Southern Thailand’s off-the-beaten tracks:

    Cheow Lan Lake 1Very few mainstream tourists know about Cheow Lan Dam (Ratchaprapa Dam) in Surat Thani. But since Posh first heard of it, it has become one of her dream destinations in Thailand. “This destination kicked off my bucket list last year, and was I glad it did,” she said.

    Her journey started by taking a night train from Hua Lam Phong Railway Station. She traveled alone as her friends were already in Surat waiting for her. She arrived at Surat at around 8 a.m, and immediately proceeded to the pier, which took one-hour from the train station. Fortunately she arrived just before the boat was leaving the pier.

    “On the way, the scenery was so beautiful: emerald green waters, towering verdant mountains, and a clear blue sky. It was exhilarating and gave me good vibes,” she recalls. “I enjoyed the breeze, as well as the sprinkle of waters hitting my face as the long-tail boat chugs along. The smell of the sun, sea, and the wooden boat made me feel like a part of nature.

    Cheow Lan Lake 2To say that the place – often called the “Guilin of Thailand” — awesome is really an understatement. The view consists of three small mountains positioned next to each other jutting out in the water. “We explored the Coral Cave, which you reach by hiking up and down through the jungle, the kind of adventure I really like. We spent all afternoon jumping and swimming in the water, kayaking around the lake, and we took hundreds of photos. We had such an awesome time.”

    But what made the trip memorable was that it was a contrast to the citylife — getting away from the bustling city into a place where life is simpler and nature is so close by. The authenticity of the trip was enhanced by the accommodation. In their bungalow, there were only two plugs: on for charging phones and another for a fan. The electricity is generator-powered and is only active from 6 a.m. until midnight so they have to charge their phone batteries and go to sleep before the fan is switched off.

    Waking up at 5 a.m. the next day, they went sightseeing again. They took a long-tail boat to catch the sunrise — from a fantastic viewpoint surrounded by beautiful limestone mountains, the sea, and the fog. “It was magical,” she says. “It felt like looking at a gigantic piece of art hanging on a natural wall.” Posh recommends that tourists to Thailand visit this place too.

    Posh wins a gift voucher from Dusit Thani Hua Hin for her contribution. Congratulations! And thank you to Dusit Thani Hua Hin for the prize!

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