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    Healthy, Natural Flair – Asita Bar & Restaurant

      /  RESTAURANTS + BARS   /  Healthy, Natural Flair – Asita Bar & Restaurant

    Let Asita Bar & Restaurant enhance your eco-resort living experience with its “Stay Green, Eat Clean” concept.

    by Percy Roxas.

    Asita Bar and Restaurant 2We didn’t come to asita eco-resort in Samut Songkram for the food. We came for the promise of true relaxation; maybe a day or two of an eco-friendly lifestyle experience amid peaceful natural surroundings away from our congested Bangkok home. But what greeted us during our meals at the resort left us all saying, “Wow.” “If this is what authentic rural Thai food tastes like, then bite me now and call me Judy,” says our tough-talking foodie friend Jimmy.

    Asita Bar & Restaurant (Tel: 089 866 2168) may not be in the Thailand’s top restaurants list, but if you enjoy authentic healthy local flavors served amid a natural setting, then this restaurant is for you. As the resort puts it, “Stay Green, Eat Clean.”

    Asita Bar and Restaurant seafoodConsider the signature delicacies. In the menu are dishes such as spicy banana blossom with chicken, pomelo salad Thai-style and sea bass curry in banana leaves, as well as exotic specialties such as seepweed leaf in Thai sour curry, seepweed leaf cream soup, and grilled salmon with seepweed leaf spaghetti. Seepweed grows in some areas of Thailand, and are highly nutritious, but relatively unfamiliar. Thais usually used this vegetable to create healthy but exotic, unusual dishes.

    I totally savored the unique delicacies, which are not so often found in typical Thai restaurants in the city. I mean, banana blossom and seepweed leaf? Absolutely, never. Yet, as soon as I saw them on my plate, I knew I had found some new exotic favorites.

    But if you’re not so keen on veggies, do not worry. The menu is comprehensive and serves both Thai and international food. We strongly recommend that you order at least what they call “Local Signatures,” which include mackerel cooked in different styles, seabass, prawns, crabs, and more.  The seafood is freshly caught from their own marine farm, cooked anyway you like it – without chemical or preservatives — along with organic vegetables and fruits, which are also grown from their own garden.

    Asita Bar and Restaurant 3The restaurant is located in an authentic Central Thai-style house, with an alfresco setting that makes it all the more inviting. In the evening, candlelit tables are set up just outside the main dining area for a more romantic feel. You could be with that someone special enjoying a tranquil undisturbed evening rendezvous, or you can be alone just enjoying some tropical drinks. Everyone’s welcome. There is a distinctive professional quality in the service too, and here, you begin see how the owner’s long experience from some of Bangkok’s leading hotels is apparent in the operations. asita (small caps intended) is as unpretentious as its natural surroundings but is as refined as some Bangkok hotels in facilities and service delivery. And that is especially true with the food served in its restaurant. Again: “Stay Green, Eat Clean!” Is there a better way to enjoy life?