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    Good for the Brain

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    Brains A Trivia Adventure

    The “Brains – A Trivia Adventure!” app is a good-for-the-brain trivia game that was created by Patrick Gatdula.

    by Rich Kantita.

    Patrick-GatdulaThis app features over 200 topics and 20,000 trivia questions. Players can pick their opponent and go on an adventure through different stages. The family-friendly app is fun and educational for kids and parents can feel relaxed knowing their children are playing something appropriate.

    Patrick was one of those who has thrown himself into the mobile gaming app industry and went through a lot of struggles to create this mobile game. From a former graphic designer with marketing and basic programming experience, as well as some time working for an ad agency, he single handedly developed the marketing plan, business plan, creative assets, website, and IT network for this game.

    But as he discovered, he needed help from an outsourced programming team and investors. Patrick soon found himself working with topnotch experts like the Praneat Co. Ltd., a company that boasts a team of talented and service-oriented professionals as well as international investors from Taiwan, the Philippines, the United States of America and Bangkok.

    He named his company The Sneaky Bruno Game Incorporated, after his German shepherd dog, Bruno, who also aspired the ‘play happy games and feel happy’ motto. Bruno is now the mascot of the company’s logo too.

    Now establishing a name in the mobile app world, the app is available on both Apple and Android devices.

    Brains Screenshots