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    Another Year, Another Challenge

      /  LE Social Pages   /  Another Year, Another Challenge

    2016 is a momentous year for Lookeast Magazine (LE), if only because we’re celebrating our 45th year in the publishing business.

    In this day and age, when print publications can be likened to supernovas — shooting stars: here now, gone in seconds – LE has proven that it has staying power. The magazine has come long way indeed, constantly reinventing itself through the years to keep up with the changing times while also jealously guarding its original spirit – one of continuity along with change, one of consistency besides innovation, and one of dependability while facing squarely the digital flux. This anniversary issue is a testament to that.

    But this issue is really not for us or about us. It’s for you. We’d rather celebrate our anniversary with your continuing trust and support than be self-serving and talk about what we have achieved in the last four decades or so. That is open book anyway. So, we begin the year with an edition that gives you a glimpse of the direction the magazine is going to take starting this year.

    You will probably notice our increasing regional coverage, which is not only timely but also necessary, given that the Asean Economic Community is expected to be in full effect before the end of 2016. This, of course, doesn’t mean that we are shying away from our usual Thai-centric content since we are a Thai company, we are still based in Bangkok, the majority of our readers are mostly in Thailand, and it will always be our priority to help and promote Thai tourism to the world. But it doesn’t mean that we ignore features and articles that are of value, interesting, and significant to our larger readership beyond the kingdom — even as we try to find new business opportunities and technology that would ensure a rosier year.

    As the world is becoming smaller and smaller, differences in interests, beliefs, color, creed, or distance cannot separate us from each other anymore. LE believes in expanding horizons, in opening borders, in accepting that we are all unique but also all also essentially the same: “Different but same, same,” to give the common Thai street lingo a twist. We laugh, we cry, we dream, we love, we hope, we try. LE is all these and more.

    So read on and enjoy. This issue is filled with articles and information meant to enhance, as usual, your travels and lifestyle.

    We try to fill the magazine with contents that are diverse, informative, entertaining, useful, worthwhile, relevant, and inspiring even. And we always welcome your feedback and suggestions.

    As a media outlet, LE is a reflection of its readership. We wouldn’t be here if not for you. So, let us thank you all — our friends and supporters, patrons and advertisers, and of course, our readers from Thailand and beyond — for staying with us through the years; and for making LE, the longest running English travel and lifestyle in the country. We wish you good tidings!

    With another year comes another challenge. Be safe. Be happy.

    Here’s a big toast to us all!