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    A Landmark Vision – Show DC in Bangkapi

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    Praparwarn Waeladeevong

    Why the mega-complex Show DC, set to open in June 2016, is a very attractive and fun lifestyle destination that is unlike anything that exists in Thailand yet

    by Percy Roxas.

    showDCA new mega-complex, currently being built to the tune of THB 9.5-billion, is set to open in June in Bangkapi, Bangkok: Show DC. A brainchild of Chayaditt Hutanuwatra, chairman of Show DC Corp. Ltd, and his team, Show DC is being described as the first of its kind in Thailand. Lookeast Magazine recently interviewed Praparwarn Waeladeevong, the company’s vice-chairperson, to tell us more on really what is all about. Here are exceprts:

    Q: Please tell us more about Show DC?
    A: Show DC is the first retail and entertainment mega-complex in Thailand, which introduces the global “Shop & Enjoy” concept here. That means we are combining spectacular entertainment facilities with a rich mix of retailing and F&B offerings. This is in line with the global trend in retailing, which is moving away from just being a concrete structure full of shops to becoming destinations where people can enjoy spending their time, at the same time pursue leisure activities, and shop too. What makes us unique is the scale of our spectacular entertainment offerings as well as the special facilities that we have for international visitors.

    Q: How did the idea come about? Why is there a need for such a project?
    A: Our concept and strategy begin with what we are most proud about: that we are Thailand’s first retail & entertainment mega-complex. From that position, we have, many of which are “true firsts” in Thailand.

    Q: Why has the project been dubbed ‘revolutionizing Bangkok’s tourism landscape’?
    A: One of Show DC’s special facilities for international visitors is a large VIP Traveller Lounge where visitors can spend time on their last day after they checkout from their hotels. They can leave their bags, take a shower, or rest after checking-out from their hotel and prior to a night flight. In addition, travelers can use Show DC’s complimentary shuttle transport services to Bangkok’s airports. We were very excited by the prospect of being the first to bring to Thailand the first mega-complex for retail and entertainment and have adjusted our plan.

    Q: Who are the target markets?
    A: We expect the unique combination of great retail with great entertainment in one mega-complex with the concept of ‘Shop & Enjoy’ to appeal to all levels of visitors. It’s never been done before in Thailand on this scale and should be a great attraction as well as a regional landmark destination. We also expect to attract a large number of international visitors – around 50,000 a day — because of our great cultural offerings.

    Q: What can visitors expect when they visit Show DC?
    A: We have lots of highlights including the Performance Hall, Sports Arena, Fantasy Dreamscape cultural walk-through phenomenon, K-Town, Entertainment Park by YG Entertainment, and Asian Food Street.

    Q: How different would it be from other existing establishments?
    A: We are offering, for the first time in Thailand, spectacular entertainment combined with retail. The ‘Shop & Enjoy’ concept is a global trend that appeals equally to both local and international visitors. I also believe in the unique propositions that we have, such as the world’s largest K-Town, and huge areas for K-Fashion and K-Beauty, as well as the massive 10,000-sqm space dedicated to food as part of the Asian Food Street will make SHOW DC a very attractive and fun lifestyle destination that is unlike anything that exists in Thailand yet.

    Q: How soon do you expect to get ROI from the project?
    A: We have had an outstanding response from tenants, with already 60 percent of the lettable space taken up. So the ROI should be in line as with our business plan.

    Q: How successful do you want the Show DC project to be?
    A: We want it make it as successful as possible and to make it a landmark destination in the Asean Economic Community. We will always look for opportunities to expand on a successful concept.

    Q: Anything else you’d like to tell us about Show DC?
    A: Show DC is much, much more than just a mall. It is a huge lifestyle complex that is a very special destination and again, the first of its kind in Thailand. To sum it up, it is special because it is in line with the global trend for mega-destinations to become destinations where you can enjoy your time, and, at the same time do your shopping and other activities – a concept called ‘Shop and Enjoy.’ Because what we have to offer is the first in Thailand of this new global trend, and it is on a scale that has never been done before, we believe it will excite both local and international visitors. That’s why we are so confident of more than 100,000 visitors day. We also believe it is a good match to the needs of Thai shoppers who want both great shopping and a great experience, together.