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    Trendy Gifting for Christmas and New Year

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    Our choice of gift says a lot about us as a giver. Here are some “hot” gift-ideas that can make us look “in” and cool. Add them in your wish list!

    by Rich Kantita.

    Christmas and New Year is always the most anticipated time of the year; a season of cheer, feasts, parties — and gifts. However, choosing a holiday present for family, friends, and loved ones is not only difficult but also nerve-racking as well. A gift becomes great depending on the amount of planning, evaluating, and thought-process that go into its selection. But in fact, discerning gift-givers need only be aware of what’s out there — Bangkok has everything — and select what they think best fits their very purpose in giving, and reflects both their personality as the giver and that of the receiver. It could be chic and trendy, it could be fun or just simply novel, or it could be pure class and sassy – but if you pick up the right gift for the right receiver, then it’s always a “win-win” situation.

    Here are some recommended items to pick up, wrap, and give away this year-end.

    Gifts for Women

    H&M Suede Leather ClutchThe hottest fashion trend these past months has been H&M’s guest design collaboration with Balmain, which were presented by A-list models in the industry such as Kendall Kardashian, who–to use the industry lingo–is the “face” of the collection. As soon as the collection was launched, eager H&M and Balmain fans from all over the world quickly got their hands on the items. That’s how “hot” they are. The collection is themed in four main colors: green, red, black, and white. Some people might find these items too expensive, however, but the heavily crafted bags, jackets, dress, and accessories are sure worth the purchase.

    Picks: Suede Leather Clutch (THB 1,399) and Multi-strand Cuff (THB 2,999)
    Where: CentralWorld, 1st Floor

    King Power Blue Silk ScarfTo welcome the winter and to avoid catching a cold, nothing is as functional and yet totally fashionable as a nicely woven silk scarf. These scarves can warm hearts all-year-long. The lustrous sheen of Thai silk makes them eye-catching addition to any wardrobe, and the great thing is, they are easy to find in Thailand. The country is known worldwide for its silk products, which can be found in practically every shopping center. Thai silk is a fine natural product made from the cocoons of silkworm, making them soft, yet strong and durable – a classic and always thoughtful gift idea for this season.

    Picks: Blue Silk Scarf (THB 1,500)
    Where: King Power, or online at

    Versace Eros Pour FemmeWomen love perfume and there’s a unique scent for every individual out there. A new scent that is making waves is waves is Sephora’s No. 5 bestseller and one of Versace’s newest collection this year, the Versace Eros Pour Femme. Versace, and its Medusa head logo, is one of the world’s leading luxurious and iconic brands. Anything created by Gianni Versace can become a perfect gift, and this is definitely one of them.

    Picks: Versace Eros Pour Femme (THB 4,600)
    Where: Sephora at EmQuartier, G Floor

    Gifts for Men

    Apple WatchThe hottest gadget of Apple this year is definitely the Apple Watch, which was launched this summer. Its unique design immediately gives the wearer the impression that he is ready for the future indeed, but its also functional too. It changes time zones instantly, a new technology that could be put to great use by those who often go on business trips and changes location on a regular basis. With Apple Watch, there is no need to worry about time confusion any longer. The watch has two different screen sizes, with over 10 colors and different strapping materials.

    Picks: Classic Buckle Strap (THB 5,900), Apple Watch starting price: THB 14,383
    Where: iStudio 3rd floor at Siam Paragon

    Pearl-white Elephant Printed Necktie Jim ThompsonOne of the classic gifts for men would be a well-made and well-designed necktie. It takes a man’s everyday outfit to a whole new level. It gives a drab long-sleeve a zing. Now, neckties are among the best buys you can have from Thailand. Two of the many things Thailand is known for are silk and exotic craftsmanship, and necktie makers, such as Jim Thompson, one of the best silk brands, makes some of the best there is in the market in terms of both – besides the polished items of silk clothes, bags, and home decors, of course. The Jim Thompson Museum, where the flagship store is located, is full of these gift classics. Visit the museum to buy some and enjoy their displays and demonstrations of the Thai silk-making process, from the cocoon to heating them into fine threads, and finishing them into a long piece of cloth.

    Picks: Pearl-white Elephant Printed Necktie, Jacquard Silk (THB 2,100)
    Where: Jim Thompson House

    Toojah Box SmallSouvenirs may not seem like a lavish present. However, thanks to a new “invention” from a company called Too Jah, souvenirs from Thailand had just become instantly classy, impressive gifts. Too Jah incorporates gifting with the creative touch of authentic Thai culture, by making gift boxes that are as heartwarming as the world-renowned Thai hospitality and as interesting a gift as any to give to friends, family, and love ones — especially those outside Thailand. The brand works with more than 100 local shops around Thailand to create four different sets that you can choose from: Exotic Thai, Wellness, Discovery, and Foodie. Each box also includes a card explaining about each product, and also contains a concise, helpful “Thainess” guide. It is definitely usable gift, which all lovers of Thai culture will enjoy receiving.

    Picks: The Wellness Box (THB 1,640) includes a massage oil, lip balm, Thai balm, massage candle, jasmine rice, massage oil, massage stick and Thai tea (total of 750g).
    Where: Order online at