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    Editor’s Note: December – In the Spirit of the Season

      /  LE Social Pages   /  Editor’s Note: December – In the Spirit of the Season

    We’ve made it. This year is coming to a close to give way to a new one soon. What better time to take stock of the past year and start preparing for the challenges of the next year, right? No matter how different or unique we want to be, very few could argue with the virtue of that.

    2015 has been a good year, if we may say so. And while others might argue that that it could have been better, I am not one for pressing our luck really. I’m just happy to count our blessings, and hopefully be able share them with others as we get in tune with the spirit of the season.

    It’s easy to be like good ole Scrooge these days, for so many reasons — the bad news that the media has been bombarding us with lately, being one. The social media trolls, for another. But despite it all, one can hope find a way to find the spirit of this season, whatever his or her race, color, or creed. For me, Christmas is not just the birthday of Jesus. It is a time to spread cheers, love, generosity, and goodwill, so that maybe we can all start practicing them year-round. “Love thy neighbor,” is not just a Christian doctrine. “Peace to all men,” is not just a Christian wish.

    The spirit of the season matches our theme for this issue, which is “Bangkok.” Why? If there are places in the world where cheers, goodwill, and generosity rule, if there are corners of the world where peace and tolerance are a daily practice, one of them must be Bangkok.

    And for travel and tourism purposes, Bangkok, arguably has few equals. The capital, while pre-dominantly Buddhist, is a popular destination during this time of year because, where else would you be for endless feasting and partying than in this “most exciting Asian capital” indeed? The fun, the parties in Bangkok are legendary!

    Bangkok is also emerging as a new gourmet hub not only because of the fabulous Thai food, but also because of the other international gourmet specialties now offered here by some of the world’s best chefs at some of the world’s most inviting restaurants. That explains our increasing focus on “Wine and Dine” every issue, which we can never really get enough of.

    This is a season of great shopping in Thailand too, of course, and year-end sales attract even the most discerning shopaholics around. And how about spa, health, and wellness treats? As the Thais make the Christmas season big deal, and follow the Christian world’s example of giving holiday discounts and seasonal joys, there is something here for now for everyone! I can go on and on and on!

    Anyway, elsewhere in the magazine, there is everything for you whether you are a first time visitor or a frequently returning traveler. We have all those insider information we try to regularly collect and provide to make the magazine more informative, interesting, and always entertaining: outbound travel destinations, hotel sneak previews, hot hotel deals, new hotspots and special promotions; even interesting cool personalities, and more (Check-out our What’s Inside page for previews of the specific contents).

    As the leading travel and lifestyle magazine in Thailand, Lookeast looks forward to welcoming an even more robust 2016 with again, peace, love, goodwill, and generosity – the spirit of this holiday season — taking us all through it. Season’s Greetings to all, and as always — safe travels every one.

    Sawasdee Krub!