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    Lifestyle Curators for Thailand + Southeast Asia

    Editor’s Note – November High

      /  DESTINATIONS   /  Editor’s Note – November High

    Time flies quickly; why, it’s already November! November is a great month as it heralds the peak of the high season of tourism in the kingdom, and that means there’s so much for us to enjoy in Thailand during this period.

    Of course, the gray weather has not totally left us – it is indeed raining hard as I am writing this piece – but this shouldn’t discourage anyone from taking a romp to the many destinations awaiting them for to explore. In fact, with the chilly weather starting to be replced with warmer sunny days, we decided to zoom in on Khao Yai, Thailand’s very own “Wine Country,” which is one of the best short-haul trip you can take from Bangkok. Why you should make a visit and why now – we give you the lowdown.

    Khao Yai, of course, is not an accidental choice since it also complements very well our main theme perfectly, which deals with “Real Estate (property).” Don’t look now, but Khao Yai is undergoing a property development boom in its own right despite the sluggish economy we’ve been having lately.

    We can hardly claim the last word on the state of “Real Estate” in the country today given the nature of our magazine but since we cannot ignore the passions of many of our readers who are interested in the matter, we did our own take anyway. They’re hardly in-depth but we only mean to whet the appetite of those who might be interested in property investment in Thailand, and maybe reflect slightly on the bigger current goings-on in the kingdom.

    While on it, check out our interview with Sansiri Public Company Limited’s SEVP, Uthai Uthaisangsuk, who gave us some insights on the continuing success of Thailand’s only integrated property development company; and our tips on “Buying Villas in Paradise,” from those on the lookout for property in destinations like Phuket or Samui.

    Elsewhere on this issue, we return to Kuala Lumpur for a roundup of the new hotspots in the “Cooler Lumpur,” as we call it. But before you book a flight over, you might want to check out when the “Top Festivals of Thailand” are happening this month, as well as the new local hotpots such as the Or Tor Kor Market, or Piman 49, which you must definitely include on your bucket list.

    Thailand is really almost there as the new gourmet destination of the region, if not of the world, and as if to reaffirm that, the “Asia’s Best 50 Restaurants Awards” ceremony will move to Bangkok next year! And beyond what’s listed in our Dining Specials page, we also rounded up some restaurants that foodies – discerning or not – should visit during their Bangkok stay.

    Of course, these are just the main features. Also inside the magazine are more articles and listings of some of the hottest travel news and deals, bar offers, and spa specials this month. We hope you will enjoy reading them.

    And we hope you will enjoy Thailand even more. Safe travels everyone!