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    5 Reasons to Love Aleenta Hua Hin

      /  HOTELS   /  5 Reasons to Love Aleenta Hua Hin

    Just south of Hua Hin lies Pranburi, one of Thailand’s best-kept secrets when it comes to tourist destinations. The streets are peaceful and free of traffic that you may find yourself sharing the road with cattle from nearby farms, whether you’re riding along in a tuk tuk, car, or better yet, an eco-friendly bicycle. Quietly tucked away in this little bit of countryside is a most charming resort, Aleenta Hua Hin Resort & Spa, Pranburi where you can expect picture-perfect water and pristine beaches that seem to be all yours when you stay in one of their luxury beachfront villas.

    Penthouse BedroomThis hidden oasis of a boutique resort has everything you need for the most relaxing getaway you could imagine. Only three hours away from the chaos of Bangkok by car, Aleenta in Pranburi makes an idyllic holiday spot and there’s so much more to this resort that meets the eye. Here’s a list of some of our favorite things about Aleenta:

    1. Saving Mother Nature in every way possible

    Aleenta is setting an incredible example for the hospitality and F&B industries through its sustainability initiatives. Over the years, the resort has been duly recognized as one of the top sustainable hotels in Asia. It was truly remarkable to see first-hand what’s being done to save our earth and reduce carbon footprint at Aleenta.

    Just to give you a one example: water used at Aleenta is heated by solar panels so the temperature varies each day according to how much heat can be absorbed, but it’s always hot enough for the balmy Thai climate. You won’t find any unsightly solar panels because they’re well hidden underneath the grass rooftops of each villa. These roofs are made with locally grown grass that lets in just enough sunlight for the solar panels to work and also help to keep the villas nice and cool.

    Gray water from the villas are also recycled to keep the entire resort looking lush and green, so if the plants ever seem a bit dry then it means the guests aren’t showering enough!

    2. Guilt-free ‘low carbon footprint’ dining

    Meals can be enjoyed at Aleenta’s open-air restaurant, The Cellar, which gives you panoramic views of the ocean and surrounding landscape. At night, a row of bright green dots light up the horizon – these are squid fishing boats, so you know the calamari is always fresh here.

    One of our favorite dishes for main course is the grilled prawn, delicately flavored with local Thai lemongrass. The menu changes quarterly according to what’s being grown each season. All the ingredients used at Aleenta are grown on their organic farms in Pranburi if not sourced within 30km of the resort. And you can end each meal on a high note with homemade desserts by Aleenta’s talented pastry chef.

    3. Cruising the neighborhood on a bike

    The comfort of your villa at Aleenta and the stunning view you have of the ocean is difficult to peel yourself away from, but taking the bicycles out for a ride is a must-do. Not only does the resort provide bicycles, but you can also grab a handy mobile phone from reception in case you get lost or feel too tired to ride back. Aleenta’s staff will come to your rescue with a golf cart to bring you and the bicycles back!

    We cycled down about 15 minutes away from Aleenta to Khao Kalok, a small rocky mountain with a hiking trial that takes you all the way to a beautiful viewpoint. It’s not the most strenuous hike, but there are lots of rocks and steep parts. Somehow we managed to complete the trail in sandals, but would definitely recommend sneakers or close toed shoes.

    At the bottom of the mountain there’s a beach where you can kick back and relax with a chilled coconut. If you’re hungry, just head over to the food stalls offering local Thai fare and seafood. We had a mini feast of prawns and crabs that were caught fresh that morning!

    4. Treat yourself to a celebrity facial

    After you’ve been kissed by the sun, there’s no better way to rejuvenate your skin than with a facial spa by the world renowned Linda Meredith facial treatments available at Aleenta’s Ayurah Wellness Center. The therapists are professional and take great care to provide the most relaxing experience. Simply close your eyes and let them work their magic on your skin.

    All of their products work together to give your skin maximum moisture content for a radiant complexion. The creams and gels are free of unnecessary chemicals such as paraben and even safe to use during pregnancy. It’s no wonder celebrities from around the world give praise to Linda Meredith’s skincare line.

    5. Your perfect home-away-from home

    Chaba Villa InteriorEach villa is slightly different in taste and style, but all are wonderfully unique in their own way and fitted with all the necessary items to make you feel at home. We were especially pleased to find that our villa came without a television set. Who wants to watch TV when you have the most stunning, unspoiled view of nature’s television right in front of you? We kept the curtains wide-open most of the time to enjoy the breath taking beach view.

    The private Jacuzzi pool on our patio was a wonderful touch as well. However, I found the hammock was my favorite place to hang out – quite literally. Another way that Aleenta gives back to the local community is by providing skills training and jobs. The hammock that I enjoyed so much was actually made by the local fishermen during their downtime. Each one takes nearly 10 months to complete, but they’re beautiful and durable, and the fishermen have a chance to make some extra income.

    Egyptian cotton bed sheets and big fluffy towels are expected at luxury hotels and resorts, but Aleenta has taken an extra step by providing the most comfortable set of cotton pajamas for guests to wear. These pajama sets are light and soft enough to sleep in, yet decent enough to have breakfast in, and definitely the perfect thing to wear for spa treatments.

    Aleenta Hua Hin Resort & Spa
    183 Moo 4, Paknampran
    Pranburi Hua Hin