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    Redefining Phuket’s Dining Scene

      /  RESTAURANTS + BARS   /  Redefining Phuket’s Dining Scene

    Trisara Phuket launches new, exciting, and unique monthly gastronomical experience that foodies can look forward to

    by Sid Sehgal

    Chef Jim 2Trisara Phuket inches itself closer to the heart of local and regional foodies with the recent launch of an exciting monthly dining concept that offers guests a truly unique gastronomical experience: The “Trisara Culinary Series,” which kicked off with a “Kaiseki Dinner” in July, followed by the “One Night in Bangkok” event in August.

    “We are pleased to offer guests unique experiences with our new and innovative dining concept,” says Quentin Fougeriux, Trisara’s director of food & beverage. “The Trisara Culinary Series” takes diners on wonderful journeys beginning with menus inspired by unique cuisines from all over the world. At the heart of the concept are exclusive one-time dinners that showcase more than just our chefs’ creativity. The aim of the series is to create events involving boundless creativity from our culinary team and following different themes or concept. We hope to redefine the dining scene in Phuket.”

    Trisara_Seafood_2The choice of a “Kaiseki Dinner” for the launch event was fitting, as it allowed Trisara chefs to use their creativity to highlight local delicacies according to their personal style, in particular the 8-course dinner. Trisara chefs, led by Chef Jimmy Ophorst, took the liberty of enhancing each dish with seasonal ingredients, making each stand out when paired with the sake recommended by certified sake specialist, Suriyond Kalyavanongs.

    Trisara_Seafood_19Holland-born Chef Jimmy is known for creating innovative cuisine incorporating unique combinations of local and international ingredients. Having worked and trained in some Michelin-starred restaurants around the world, Chef Jimmy offers a unique perspective to every kitchen he cooks in and his belief in the importance of using love, passion, and creativity in bringing his dishes to life is brought to the forefront at Trisara Seafood, where he has been chef de cuisine since 2013.

    Trisara Seafood (Tel: 076 310 100, ext. 5 or email: provides an elegant backdrop for the “Trisara Culinary Series.” The world-class restaurant with unparalleled service overlooks the sparkling Andaman Ocean and offers diners a refreshing and memorable experience. Guests can sit back and enjoy a spectacular array of new dishes, each with a story to tell.

    Trisara_Seafood_7The “Trisara Culinary Series” is not only a pet project of Chef Jimmy. All Trisara chefs, headed by Chalermchai Prakobkit (Kla), are part of the series. Chef Kla, who over the years continues to enhance his skills through regular visits to renowned kitchens across the globe and working with celebrated chefs such as Bruno d’Angelis and Edouard Loubet, has been leading the culinary team since June 2004.

    The concept is anchored on an ever-changing monthly theme. Thus, in August, chefs Bo and Dylan of the celebrated Bo.Lan Restaurant in Bangkok were the main stars at the event acting as guest chefs for the “One Night in Bangkok” segment. That evening of fine gastronomy featured great examples of Thai cuisine with a menu designed and executed by the two chefs whose restaurant was named the 37th best restaurant in Asia by San Pellegrino in 2015.

    Trisara_Seafood_1For this month, discerning foodies can look forward to another unique and exciting culinary event. But again, it will not be just another wine dinner.

    “Here, we have no limit,” says Chef Jimmy. “We can do a creative Chinese menu, a non-seafood related course, or anything, as long as there is a theme/concept behind it. Our events don’t even have to be wine, beverage, or sponsor related. But we always promise each and every guest a unique dining experience with the ‘Trisara Cuinary Series.’ They will experience a memorable culinary journey from the time they are seated to the time they leave.”