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    Editor’s Note

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    Many friends from outside Thailand say there is one experience when they come to visit the Big Mango that they never forget: eating. Bangkok, indeed, is a great place to enjoy the art of eating. Or, if we want to be a little bit fancier: the art of gastronomy. And it goes beyond Thai food. Indeed there is such a wide range of gastronomic possibilities available here, and so no wonder, the city is being called “the new dining capital of the world.” It is therefore timely that we devote another issue exclusively for this.

    So, here is a “foodie issue” again–our humble contribution to the celebration of the ever-growing gastronomical excellence in Bangkok–for all of you. For the first time in years, we have compiled our own list of the city’s 50 best restaurants, although we haven’t done any actual ranking yet as that will come later in the year when we conduct an official poll on the matter. (Watch out for this, by the way.)

    Eating is a matter of attitude of course. The experience is very subjective and we do not pretend to have the last say on this. But like everyone, we have tried most of the best restaurants we selected and we have our own favorites, which might have influenced our selection. Truth is, we have to prune our original list of more than 100 places, for so many reasons, which we will not bore you with here. There were places we could have included — and want to — but didn’t, but that doesn’t mean they didn’t make the cut. Bangkok is exploding with some of the most exciting restaurants in the world today, and it’s simply impossible to include all in just one issue of a magazine. Its foodie scene is literally sizzling!

    We suggest that foodies try not only the restaurants on the list but also those that they find suited to their personal taste, preferences, and budget. We recommend that they try the entire gamut of Bangkok’s (or Thailand’s) quintessential gastronomical experience, from the street level to the most fancy restaurants they can afford.

    Having said that, let us reassure you that we have not forgotten the other stuff that you have always enjoyed in our magazine. To inform, to entertain, to guide, to delight, and perhaps to engage and persuade – we have all our regular sections and departments intact for you to enjoy.

    Here’s hoping that this special focus on dining and gastronomy will enhance your enjoyment of Look East even more.

    Happy reading everyone!

    Percy Roxas