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    Lifestyle Curators for Thailand + Southeast Asia

    My Favorite Place

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    Name: Pakin Ployphicha
    Age: 44
    Country: Thailand
    Job/Profession: CEO, The Oasis Spa (Thailand)

    My favorite place: Sukhothai. I have visited over a hundred countries and vacationed at many exotic places around the world. But I love Sukhothai, not only because it was the city I grew up in but also because is a truly, beautiful holiday destination.
    Bring there: Sunglasses, camera, and a Panama hat
    Must-do: Touch the giant hand of Buddha statue at UNESCO World Heritage site
    Must-see: Wat Mahathat, Wat Si Chum, and Wat Changlom – the ruins of Sukhothai are grand; and as soon as one learns that Sukhothai is the birthplace of the Siamese nation, the ruins and the temples become even more intriguing.
    Must-buy: Pottery and purple sticky rice. Very few know that Thailand’s world-renowned pottery and ceramics industry was actually born in Sukhothai.
    Must eat: Fresh water fish and of course Kuaytiaw Sukhothai
    Drink at: Night Food Market on Jarot Withithong Road, this is the equivalent of nightlife here.
    Sleep at: Sukhothai Heritage Resort


    Maria Gequillana EXPATName: Maria Gequillana
    Age: 29
    Country: Philippines/U.S.
    Job/Profession: PR and Marketing Communications Manager, Royal Cliff Hotels Group

    My favorite place: Phuket and Khao Lak
    Bring there: Camera, beachwear, sunglasses, and sandals
    Must-do: Go surfing or wakeboarding at Pakarang Beach, experience kayaking/canoeing around the beautiful Phang Nga Bay or enjoy snorkeling with friends
    Must-see: Limestone caves around Phang Nga Bay and the stunning islands near Phuket
    Must-buy: Interesting trinkets from Koh Panyee, a Muslim village built on stilts!
    Eat at: Memories Beach Bar. It is one of my favorite beach hotspots that serve the most amazing Thai food. The beach setting also provides such beautiful ambience at night especially during sunset. I just love its laidback and relaxed atmosphere along with the friendly staff and the exciting fire shows that they have on some nights.
    Drink at: Memories Beach Bar. Along with the great food, they also serve the most amazing cocktails.
    Sleep at: sri panwa Phuket


    Luz Cruz croppedName: Luz Cruz
    Age: 60
    Country: United States
    Job/Profession: Nurse

    My favorite place: Phi Phi – one of the most picturesque islands of Thailand, it’s a great place for holiday escapes being away from the mainland of Krabi, and there’s so many postcard pretty places to take photos in. The surrounding waters are clear, the air is fresh, the mountains are rugged and dramatic, and oh, the nights are sexy and lovely!
    Bring there: Your special someone, so you won’t yearn for those “wish you were here moments.”
    Must-do: Snorkeling, beachcombing, rock climbing, watching the sunset while drinking Belgian neer, island hopping, sea kayaking – really so much to do here!
    Must-see: Explore the entire island if you have the time – and make sure you try to visit ome of the nearby islands too!
    Must-buy: This is no place for shopping; do that in Bangkok.
    Eat at: Aroy Kaffeine, just 20 minutes or so from Holiday Inn Phi Phi. Really excellent!
    Drink at: Same place! Although you can also sip your favorite cocktails by the hotel pool and in the privacy of your room overlooking the open sea!
    Sleep at: Holiday Inn Phi Phi is a great place to crash.