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    A night at MIXX Disco, Bangkok, promises to be a night to remember

    by Christopher Scott Dixon
    Some of the gorgeous dancers

    Some of the gorgeous dancers

    In a city renowned for the quality, quantity, and variety of its nightlife, winning an accolade for top nightclub in any single year is a significant achievement. So, to do it for three consecutive years from 2012-2014 is even more remarkable.

    MIXX Disco located on the ground floor of the InterContinental Hotel Bangkok (Tel: 02 656 0383)
    – is the proud bearer of that distinction. After the success of its sister operation in Pattaya, the club was opened in 2010 and it has built a reputation as being the place to be seen in the capital.

    Enter through the solid double doors of the basement and you are in the non-smoking Hip Hop room. The interior is a profusion of red. Long sofas face each other across the open dance area and along the rear are several crimson-curtained VIP booths, which are reserved for groups or small parties. A collection of bar stools stand behind the sofas, offering more opportunities for intimate conversation. Billowing ruby drapes cover the low ceiling and below are large chandeliers with replica candles. The obligatory glittering crystal ball hangs over the dance area.



    The DJ station looks down on the floor and to each side of it are metallic-railed podiums, where the dancers perform.

    The décor suggests unashamed opulence, with gold-colored cherubs adorning the four corners of the substantial bar area and other statues perch above the sofas. Framed re-prints of classic nudes occupy space on the walls, including the birth of Venus. As befits its the name, elegance is merged with modernity as TV screens play music videos blinking from all sides.

    MIXX comprises two rooms and moving through a small tunnel brings you into the House Music area, which allows smoking. This is a kaleidoscope of blues and purples as well as laser lighting, giving it a different feel from the Hip Hop room. Trance and progressive house music are pumped out here.

    he MIXX crew proudly display their award.

    he MIXX crew proudly display their award.

    Applying the correct ingredients of atmosphere, music, and environment and blending them effectively is easier said than done. Yet it is something MIXX has proved itself to be a master at, as General Manager Mate Vundac explains: “We believe we have created a great combination of sounds and a there is a terrific vibe about the place, but not only that, what I think is a major part of our success, is the attention to detail in how we treat our customers.”

    He is not complacent, however, and emphasizes that to keep its No. 1 position, MIXX will strive to keep improving and offer new events and surprises to its patrons.

    MIXX opens nightly at 10 p.m. but the party really gets going around midnight, when the volume increases and much of the attention is on the entry of the sexy twin teams of coyote girls. Clad in skimpy lingerie and skyscraper heels they clamber onto their respective mini-stages and produce some wonderfully mesmerizing gyrations. Taking their cue, more people crowd around the floor below and bottles in hand, they shimmy and strut their stuff.

    A typical party night

    A typical party night

    The guests are as diverse as the range of cocktails available and include locals, tourists, and expats. It was interesting to see a spread of ages from young professionals to more seasoned individuals. The breadth of nationalities was also very pleasing to witness.

    There is a dress code and smart casual is in, but sandals, shorts, flip flops, and beach wear are out.

    The strong focus on customer service is evident with a small army of black and white shirted staff attentive, but never pushy. They take orders from tables and return with drinks, or you can get served at the bar where staff will advise guests on seating arrangements. Many are greeted as regular visitors by the waitresses and there is a superb and almost tangible buzz to the venue.

    One of the cornerstones of MIXX is the variety of events and promotion nights on offer, including the popular Ladies Nights on Wednesdays as well as events featuring celebrity DJs. The energy of the guys playing the tracks encourages the audience to get up and dance.

    I am not a party pooper, but I declined to boogie on this occasion and using the excuse of middle-aged spread, I reclined Roman Emperor-like with my wife on one of the luxurious sofas, people watching and indulging in some choice drinks. We sampled a most refreshing Mojito and a signature Bangkok MIXX cocktail, which was a punchy union of gin, rum, whiskey, vodka and tequila.

    It is always fascinating to see the changing dynamics of a club over a period of time and from the quiet start at MIXX to the pulsating throng enjoying themselves a couple of hours later. When we reluctantly departed at 1 a.m. when the room was jumping but one thing’s for sure – we will be back!