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    Impressing Guests in Unexpected Ways

      /  HOTELS   /  Impressing Guests in Unexpected Ways
    by Percy Roxas

    If he did not become a hotel concierge, Teerapol Kayongwaen, 37, says he would probably be running a small restaurant business in Pattaya or be selling some OTOP (One Tambom, One Product) goods in his hometown Chiangrai by now. But after his first job — at Dusit Thani Hua Hin — Teerapol has hooked by the hotel industry, and today, he is chief concierge at Siam@Siam Design Hotel Pattaya.

    Here, as can be expected from his position, Teerapol is involved in arranging guest transportation, giving flight information to and booking assistance for in-house guests, and providing guests with accurate and helpful insider knowledge on Pattaya attractions.

    “Being a great concierge means not only having a friendly, outgoing personality,” Teerapol says. “You also must keep yourself up-to-date as far as new attractions and places to visit are concerned, and in my case that means not only in Pattaya but also other Thai cities as well.”

    To keep himself updated, Teerapol starts his day checking weather forecast, his Facebook timeline for the latest in world news, and then, throughout the day, does his best to impress guests — “in unexpected ways,” he points out. For instance, by learning as much as he can about each individual guest so he can tailor his help and recommendations to their needs.

    Here are some of his usual tips to Siam@Siam Pattaya guests:

    For the best Thai restaurant:

    I often recommend Cabbages & Condoms Restaurant in the Khao Phratamnak area to my guests. It’s near the hotel and it’s a great place to watch sunset. The menu is amazing too.

    Where to bring friends for chill-out fun:

    There are so many places to chill out and party in Pattaya. I would suggest that guests start by simply taking a stroll along Walking Street in South Pattaya.

    For shopping:

    Mike Shopping Mall for both bargain and high-end items in one place. They have international brands as well as local products, so it’s a mix of regular indoor mall with fixed prices and a bazaar where you can bargain. I was there recently and saw many interesting metal and wood pieces.

    Easiest way to get back and forth the hotel:

    By minibus, no doubt, because it’s very cheap and they are parked right in front of the hotel entrance; very convenient for guests.

    How to avoid pimps, hecklers and scammers:

    I always advise my guests to keep their valuable belongings locked inside the in-room safety box. As for scams, it’s a fact that Pattaya have many street touts who try to draw in people whether to a bar, a shop, or some other business. Not every place is dishonest, but as a concierge I make sure that I recommend only places which are reputable.

    Best way to enjoy their holiday:

    I would recommend Suan Nong Nooch Pattaya. There are many activities, sights, and performances here, such as elephant riding, rare flowers garden, traditional Thai culture show, tiger show, and fancy car display.