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    Summer is the season of mangoes, so why not try a spa treatment that offers their finest benefits – at Oasis Spa?

    by Percy Roxas
    Oasis spa Bangkok Suk 51 exterior.

    Oasis spa Bangkok Suk 51 exterior.

    Ah, how Thailand spoils us! As home to some of the world’s best spas and wellness centers, not to mention some of the most innovative and creative purveyors of treatments in this multi-million baht industry today, there is surely something in the kingdom to suit your needs of the moment whatever they may be. In the years that I have been continually visiting many different spas throughout Thailand, never have I had a treatment delivered the same way, although my aim was always the same: to de-stress, to relax, to be spoiled, and to be pampered. Even when I go to the same spa — like say, in any of the several Oasis Spa branches around the country – I still get amazed at how their treatments menu continue to evolve and expand, and how I get a new blissful experience each time I visit.

    Take my recent trip to Oasis Spa on Sukhumvit 51, the second Oasis Spa branch in the capital. I have been to this branch once, when it first opened a few years ago, where I enjoyed the first “four-hands Thai massage” that got me addicted to the treatment. This branch is more atmospheric in design than the Oasis Spa on Sukhumvit 31 and the neo-Moroccan details add an element of mystique; an urban-bohemian spirit if you will, to your spa visit.

    I visited this haven again recently to enjoy a new seasonal promotion: “Coco Mango Tango,” which as its name suggests, was inspired by the traditional Thai dessert: mamuang and khao neiow (ripe mango and sticky rice) and described as a delicious new way to tropical bliss.

    To be honest, I was just curious about it. I have probably tried most of the new Thai spa treatments based on some organic ingredients – chocolate, rice, coffee, coconut, red wine, silk cocoon, you name it – but I haven’t had one with mango. Sure I love mangoes, and I was especially addicted to mango juices. But a mango scrub? Never. So I eagerly booked a two-hour and a half package of the promotional “Coco Mango Tango” treatment at Oasis Sukhumvit 51 (Tel: 02 262 2122).

    After the usual courtesies, my therapist ushered me to one of the 11 private treatment rooms at the spa. But even before my treatment started, my senses were already being “massage” by the rich, playful colors, the exotic details in the décor, and the sensuous textures that welcomed me. If going to the spa means being transported to a world so different from our own, then this is my kind of spa indeed, which is what I told myself as I laid face down on the bed. Never mind if some people were saying otherwise.

    And so my journey of bliss began. The therapist covered my body with a floral-printed sheet, placed her hands on the focal points of my torso, and gave them quick, short shakes. I tried to close my eyes as I wanted to remember precisely how she was doing it.

    I felt a warm towelette touching the soles of my feet, which is how spa treatments usually commence. Then, she lifted part of the sheet to begin the scrub. She used the Mango Sticky Body Scrub, made by combining natural coconut butter, Shea butter, mango, finely textured coconut, and organic rice. As she pasted and rubbed the slightly gooey substance, first to my legs and then all over my body, a tingling sensation engulfed me. Curious, I asked: “What is this for, again?”

    “This skin nourishing and exfoliating mixture uncovers a more youthful and healthy you,” the therapist replied in broken Thai. I wanted to ask more questions but my right brain was being eclipsed by the delightful sensations I was feeling. Meanwhile, my left brain kept thinking about the mango and its multiple health benefits.

    I have read somewhere how mangoes help make the skin glow and shine because they are rich in Vitamin A, among other nutrients. When the pulp of mango is rubbed over the skin, it makes the complexion fair, maintains the moisture, and encourages the skin to glow. Of course mango has many other health benefits, but for the moment, these will suffice. Believe me, just thinking about this has already consumed the time allotted for my body scrub, and soon the therapist told me that its time to take the scrub off my skin with a quick shower.

    The treatment room.

    The treatment room.

    When I returned to the bed, the therapist was readying another mixture, which was the Body Wrap Cocoon, the next stage in the treatment. Unlike the scrub, this one is meant to stay on the skin for about an hour to be able to rehydrate dry skin. I closed my eyes and went to my peaceful place, as I really don’t like being “wrapped up” like a mummy. But the rich coconut and mango fragrance countered my fears and soon, was teasing my senses. I fell asleep, as soundly as a log.

    Next, I was given a Purifying Facial Treatment using renowned Guinot, a cleansing facial scrub with a soothing facial massage that nourishes the complexion and nurtures serenity. My eyes remained close but my mind remembered somebody telling me that they have their own signature products here too, labeled “Kin,” especially designed for these facials. I felt my face being revitalized indeed.

    After a quick run to the shower again, it was onto the last step. I was ready for the warm Coconut Oil Body Massage. Having been born in a tropical country, I am quite aware of the benefits of coconuts; I know how our great-grandmothers use coconuts for all sorts of things, including curing various ailments. What I wasn’t expecting was that coconuts can also be effective for anxiety-busting procedures. They can soothe aches and pains and also boost alertness.

    Perhaps I do not need to mention how the treatment concludes with a further massage, as this is SOP in all spas, at least in my experience. But I must point out how, at the end of treatment, I really felt like a brand new me – clean, recharged, and rested from head to toe. Definitely worth the THB 3,800 that the spa treatment costs!

    “Thank you, I hope you will come back another time,” says my therapist as I hand her a small tip on the way out. “And bring a friend so you can take advantage of our fabulous treatment and promotional offer – half price for your friend, when he or she comes with you. The seasonal “Coco Mango Tango” is available at all Oasis Spa locations in Thailand until June 30 only, so hurry.” Hurry back, I certainly will!