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    Off to the Beach in Style!

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    NIKKA Swimwear All photos by Evgeny Cherkasov

    NIKKA Swimwear All photos by Evgeny Cherkasov

    Summer’s here, and as you join the rest of the flock to the beach, what’s to keep you from being fashionable and stylish?  NIKKA Swimwear unveils a new collection called “Puccilicious by NIKKA,” geared for the modern fashionistas who are not afraid to show off their curves and unique style while having fun on the beach.

    Talk about beauty with brains and supermodel Nikita Parlevliet easily comes to mind. Born and raised in the Netherlands by her Thai mother and her Dutch father, Nikita is a top international lingerie and swimsuit model. Having worked in various campaigns for international swimsuit and lingerie companies, she sure knows what looks good—and comfortable to wear—for women like her.

    NIKKA Swimwear All photos by Evgeny Cherkasov

    NIKKA Swimwear
    All photos by Evgeny Cherkasov

    While modeling is a lucrative profession, Nikita realized early that wasn’t enough for her. Thus, before long, she formed her own swimwear company, Lola Swimwear, better known today as NIKKA Swimwear. A media and communications student (University of Amsterdam) before she became a model, she knows she can succeed in entrepreneurship, especially since she loves designing as much as modeling. Indeed, with her high fashion background and her marketing skills, Nikita easily took the swimwear line to another level. Nikita understood the female body and knew various tricks and techniques to disguise imperfections as well as to enhance assets. The swimwear were designed to showcase the fine qualities of a woman’s body.

    NIKKA Swimwear is a collection of swimsuits inspired by the love of travel and exotic beaches Nikita gets to call her home away from home. Manufactured in Thailand, all the swimsuits are custom-designed and come in limited edition only. All the swimwear is reversible for multiple styling options. They are available at specialty boutiques in Miami, Florida, and Nikki Beach Thailand.

    For inquiries and shipping options,

    NIKKA Swimwear

    NIKKA Swimwear