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    Tuscan Indulgence

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    Lenzi Tuscan Kitchen has arrived in town with more than just delicious Italian ingredients …

    by Laurence Civil


    Francesco Lenzi has recently opened his own restaurant, Lenzi Tuscan Kitchen (●69/1-2 Ruamrudee 2, Bangkok; 02 001 0116;, serving up his unique Tuscan dishes. The view into the open kitchen is an integral part of the dining experience. When we visited, the first dish to come out was the tagliere del Lenzi platter of Bazzone ham, and black and white truffle-stuffed mortadella culatello, the best Tuscan ham imported from his uncle’s organic farm.

    He doesn’t serve pizza but has a wood-burning oven as it’s the right technique for some of his dishes. Charcoal from the oven is taken out to fuel the grill. For other dishes he cooks on the gas range, using heavy steel pans.

    His gnudi is a naked ravioli, ricotta cheese served without the pasta wrap. His Parmesan and prawn risotto is both beautiful in its presentation and has amazing multiple complimentary flavors. The 12-year aged balsamic vinegar pairs well with both the strawberry and the Parmesan, while the prawns and strawberries are both sweet.

    He serves his tournedos Rossini, traditionally filled steak topped with truffles and foie gras, by replacing the beef with lamb served on a bed of spinach.

    Italian with a difference and quality.