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    Lifestyle Curators for Thailand + Southeast Asia

    Healing from Within

    Avdhoot Baba Shivanand ji

    The Indian holistic healing organization, Shiv Yog, is coming to Bangkok this month to give hands-on training on self-healing.

    by Parmesh Chopra

    Over the last decade or so, physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual stress has affected mankind like never before. To nullify the negativism, what men need to do is to create an equal amount of positivity and a congenial environment for peace, prosperity, and happiness to take over.

    It is here that the holistic healing organization Shiv Yog (● steps in with a vast range of powerful meditation practices. Shiv signifies “infinite” and Yog means “union.” So, literally understood, Shiv Yog is defined as the state when an individual realizes the infinite powers within himself to heal all aspects of his life for a healthy, whole, and complete existence. Based on the energy concept, and with the effectiveness of its meditative processes clinically proven through lab testing by distinguished researchers, Shiv Yog is altering the lives of millions around the globe.

    Excellent physical health, sound relationships, affluence in life, peace of mind, improved work efficiency, tranquility, and an enhanced standard of living are only some of the benefits which the practitioners of Shiv Yog meditation have experienced firsthand.

    This precious learning is imparted by international healing master, holy sage, and holistic lifestyle coach, Avdhoot Baba Shivanand ji, who has decades of meditative experience behind him. The Awakened Baba ji, an embodiment of unconditional love and a powerhouse of healing energy, shares esoteric wisdom of the Himalayan yogis through which one can also learn how to tap cosmic energy to heal all factors in life.

    Among the healing programs in the Shiv Yog curriculum, the Shambhavi program ranks right up there. In this healing process, first an Awakened Master (in this case Baba ji) cleanses an individual of all past negativity so that he becomes ready to receive the grace. After the deterging process, Baba ji kindles the flame of Shambhavi in the individual, enabling him with the power to tap, harness, and direct healing energy from the body’s subtle energy centers to cure diseases, heal relationships, and other aspects of life.

    The Shambhavi program involves in-depth training in the true spiritual identity of a person, that is: five bodies; seven energy meridians; subtle energy veins; the origin of thoughts and emotions and all about the onset; diagnosis and holistic cure of every possible situation in life.

    In the words of Avdhoot Baba Shivanand, spiritual master and yogi from India, known as “the father of Indian healing”: “The solution to all problems lies within us.”

    Bangkok will be hosting Shiv Yog hands-on healing training during a five-day workshop, on January 15–19, 2015. On January 14, Baba ji will conduct an orientation healing seminar to acquaint all participants with Shambhavi healing.