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    Santa’s Laughter

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    Devarana Spa’s new body scrub, inspired by Santa’s merry chuckle, definitely feels like ho, ho, ho.

    Ah, the creativity of Thai spas. Thai spas in general never fail to amaze me with their seemingly eternally innovative spirit and humor, making a regular spa visit not only more relaxing and enjoyable, but thoroughly out of the humdrum kind.

    Devarana-spa-2Take, for example, the “Coco Ho Ho Ho Body Scrub – Santa’s Laughter Skin Care” treatment, unveiled by Dusit Thani Resort Pattaya’s Devarana Spa – in time for the holiday season. This spa recipe was inspired by Santa’s merry chuckle and, if it’s true that laughter is the best medicine, then this treatment might just be what we need this joyful season.

    And that’s exactly how I felt when I tried this treatment. Perhaps my curiosity took the better of me after reading its name, and I rushed to Dusit Pattaya, if only to experience how Santa’s laughter can make me more than just merry—it was a delightful skin rejuvenation treatment indeed.

    The recipe uses coconut flesh as the main ingredient, with vanilla, cinnamon, and grapefruit added for a more aromatic scent. We all know how coconut moisturizes and softens the skin while also enhancing alertness and reducing stress but, as I lay down on the spa bed, I was expecting more than that: an adventure in relaxation, a journey in bliss, as my previous visits to a Devarana Spa had afforded me. I wasn’t disappointed.

    Devarana-spa-3From the initial scrub, I could almost feel my skin tone improving. In my mind’s eye, I began to wander to that peaceful place amid sounds of a babbling brook and the lyrical strains of a harp, and I imagined Devarana (pronounced te-wa-run), which comes from a Thai Sanskrit term meaning “garden in heaven,” from which the spa took its name and concept. If only for the feeling, the THB 2,100++ treatment is already worth it. Utterly enjoyable!

    With the heavenly scent of vanilla, cinnamon, and grapefruit that certainly encourage good mood, and the nurturing environment of the spa, guests are invited to transcend the everyday world … I eventually fell into deep sleep. I do not know for how long, but when I woke up, I felt so peaceful and recharged, knowing I was again ready for the world.

    I still have to experience the other treatments—such as the “Harmony of Tad Si” (ancient Thai art of four-element therapy) and the “Heavenly Nantha Garden” (a perfect unwinding aromatherapy)—in this award-winning five-star Thai-inspired spa chain founded in Bangkok in 2000, but I know that wherever I travel, I will want my spa to duplicate, if it can, my recent blissful Devarana Spa experience.