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    Lifestyle Curators for Thailand + Southeast Asia

    My Favorite Place – Rodrigo Aljaro

      /  DESTINATIONS   /  My Favorite Place – Rodrigo Aljaro

    Rodrigo AljaroRodrigo Aljaro – 31, Chile.
    Marketing manager at Undurraga Vineyard, Chile

    My favorite place: Koh Phi Phi

    Bring there: Mosquito repellent.

    Must-do: Scuba dive by day, party at night.

    Don’t do: Drink one of those infamous buckets. You don’t know what you’ll get … except a definite hangover the next day.

    Must-see: Viewpoint No.2, ideally just before sunset. The view is totally worth the long walk.

    Eat at: Anywhere! The food is amazing all over the island. 

    Drink at: Reggae Bar.

    Sleep at: Any hotel on the port side of the island. The other bay is full of bars and nightclubs, which makes it messy, a bit dirty, and too loud at night to get a good rest.