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    Out of the Box Weddings

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    Taking the plunge at Thap Lan National Park takes on an extra, even more literal meaning. Located in Prachin Buri Province, about 135 kilometers east of Bangkok, the Weluwan Cliff has become a unique location for couples getting married while abseiling.

    It’s a special event, called Banthuek Rak Klang Phupha or “Inscribing Love at the Cliff,” that runs for two days in February. There’s also a distinctive bouquet-throwing – the bride is strapped into a giant swing and throws her flowers to the single ladies at the base of the cliff.


    Couples have been getting married underwater in Trang Province for 18 years. Ceremonies are conducted on a specially decorated seabed at Koh Kradan, off Pak Meng Beach, in the Hat Chao Mai Marine Park.

    The Andaman Sea boasts many stunning locations and the combination of Trang’s coral reef and turquoise waters makes a perfect backdrop for the big day. If you’re lucky, you’ll also have schools of brightly colored fish showing up as unexpected guests.

    For couples who are certified divers, the entire registration ceremony can also be conducted underwater.

    Sunrise Wedding on Mountain

    Wedding Chiang Mai 3Adventurous couples can trek up Phu Kradueng, Thailand’s highest mountain, in Loei Province to get married at sunrise. Think of this as an early test of your commitment to one another – it involves a four-hour trek. The ceremony takes place at 5:30 a.m. at Nok Aen Cliff, which is part of the Phetchabun Mountains, forming a natural boundary between Thailand and Laos.

    Couples then present alms to the monks at the Phra Si Nagarindra Ground and pay homage to the Phra Phuttha Metta Buddha image. Then it’s off to get the registration sorted out before an evening wedding banquet.

    Lanna Wedding on Elephant Back

    Embrace the full Lanna style by adding a couple of pachyderm friends to join your bridal party. These ceremonies are conducted in Mapang, up near Chiang Mai, and couples get decked out in all the region’s traditional finery before riding the elephants for their wedding procession.
    Food is at the heart of Thai culture – and at weddings, in particular. But this is even more the case with Lanna weddings, which are called “Kgin-Khaek.” In Thai, kgin literally means “to eat” and khaek means “guests.” So it promises to be quite a party.

    Million Lotus Red Sea

    red lotus  (2)Get married in a sea of red lotus flowers at the Kumphawadpi Wetland Reserve in Udon Thani Province. This protected wetland reserve has a rich ecosystem teeming with marine life and plants. The spectacular red lotus blooms in February, creating a lush carpet of scarlet as far as the eye can see.

    Your ceremony will be carried out in the middle of this breathtaking scene, after a road ride through the sea of red lotuses.

    The local people all work to preserve the ecosystem and maintain the wetlands. They also conduct an irresistible-sounding “tricycle parade” to pay homage to Buddha at various temples in Udon Thani.