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    My Favorite Place – The Thai Polo Club

      /  DESTINATIONS   /  My Favorite Place – The Thai Polo Club

    The Thai Polo Club and its surrounding countryside is my favorite place. And this is why!

    by Caroline Link.

    Caroline-LinkNature reenergizes you and gives you perspective. It’s therapeutic, relaxing, and so enjoyable. So why not escape from the city and enjoy Thailand’s beautiful countryside, just an hour and a half outside of Bangkok.

    The Thai Polo & Equestrian Club Thailand – is like a beautiful piece of countryside tucked away inland, by the hills. It’s peaceful, and a sense of freedom, tranquility, and simplicity of life surrounds the area. And it’s not only countryside: from the club you can also see Pattaya’s skyline, and, in the distance, the sunset over the Gulf of Thailand.

    You’ll get to ride your horse past pineapple fields fields, and why not ask one of the farmers for a fresh slice that you can enjoy under the palm trees. You can continue your ride through the tapioca fields and up the mountain onto a beautiful viewpoint where all of Pattaya and its surroundings can be seen. I personally love the fresh air, and going for a walk along the plantation’s sand paths, where there is not another soul to be found.

    The clubhouse and Chukka bar are where everybody comes together. Polo players, riders, the whole family and friends gather to enjoy a meal or a drink. Fun is at its peak during and after the polo match, when you can watch all the excitement of the players, and you can hear the horses racing across the fields while kids are running around playing under the open sky. Some people lounge by the pool, soaking up the sun that shines through the palm trees. And after the game of polo, we all get together for drinks and barbecue.

    There is activity at the club, yet it is calm. It’s a place where everything is OK, where the world, nature, and people are one. You can feel the harmony. Everybody is happy.

    If you don’t get enough in just one day, you can stay there in old Thai houses with a view of the countryside, or in the rooms next to the stables, close to the horses.

    The Thai Polo & Equestrian Club is the perfect getaway from Bangkok. I love it there, and everybody else who has the chance to visit it does, too.

    Bring: Riding pants and bathing suit

    Must-do: Take a regular or polo-riding lesson; go for a ride in the countryside; play golf at Siam Country Club or St. Andrews

    Must-see: View of the sunset with the sea, islands and Pattaya skyline from the hill; watch a game of polo while lounging by the pool or having a beer or a glass of wine at the Chukka bar; watch the ponies being ridden to the training track at sunrise. It looks beautiful with the lighting and the atmosphere is fantastic!

    Eat at: Lunch at Siam Country Club (Old or Plantation course) with a view of the countryside; dinner at The Glass House, Rimpa Lapin or Pan Pan (Italian)

    Drink at: The Glass House, Rimpa Lapin, or Chukka Bar, at the club

    Sleep at: The Thai House at the Thai Polo Club