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    Lifestyle Curators for Thailand + Southeast Asia

    Luxury lifestyle health retreats

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    They will teach you about nutrition, movement, and recovery, and will retrain your mind for the healthy change you’ve been longing for, with five-star service.

    By Daniel Remon
    CEO, Fitcorp Global Group

    There is growing concern about and an increasing global trend toward health and wellness retreats as a solution for those looking for an improved quality of life, health, and performance across the board. And there is no better way than a retreat to integrate a healthful learning experience with an opportunity to travel the world in style and luxury.

    Copy of Spa-IMG_0569A “health retreat” can be an opportunity to learn, to improve one’s health, and to develop new strategies that can be implemented into daily life instantly. This leads to transformational life-enhancing opportunities gained in the context of experiencing new cultures and culinary delights. They are aimed at those who are looking for real-life tools, education, and knowledge they can apply immediately, and can contribute to a positive change in lifestyle. But for permanent long-term success and lifestyle changes, retreats must include an educational component of change. Without this, they are simply healthy holidays.

    Are You a Candidate for a Lifestyle Health Retreat?
    I’ve been coaching and helping athletes and people seeking solutions to health issues for 20 years. Some are very driven, successful individuals, always striving to gain greater knowledge, with the clear understanding that a healthy body and mind equate to greater success and happiness. And then there are those who have reached a certain level of professional success and, in order to do so, they have neglected their health in previous years. These driven individuals also know the importance of learning the “how to” process, and to work with professionals to develop specific plans of action, strategies, and smart short- and long-term goals.

    If you are now turning to health as a way to be happy, live longer, contribute more to those around you—your friends, family, children—and also are planning on living longer, without disease or medication, and to dramatically improve your level of happiness in life, you are a candidate for a lifestyle health retreat.

    2014-03-29 07.40.46How to Choose the Right Retreat for You
    Of the many options available to health seekers—detox retreats, yoga retreats, high-end wellness resorts, and so on—few focus on the actual education of lifestyle change, action planning, and positive behavior. Travelers will invest and participate in a detox retreat, cleanse, relax, lose some kilograms, all of which are positive. However, what will they do when they return home? Usually they will fall back into old habits, putting the weight back on, plus more, only to find themselves back in the same place they were 12 months before. So some retreats tend to just offer a service, and focus on the “now” rather than on what clients can do when they get back to normal life at home.

    The education must cover the four essential elements of nutrition, movement, recovery … and the mind: to help retrain it, eliminate negative language, overcome negative mental states, push through obstacles, build affirmations, and take control of the mind to empower long-term and successful change. Choose a retreat that offers this.

    Why Invest in a Luxury Health Retreat?
    The term “luxury” simply defines comfort. The entire process of travel is an experience that we all look forward to. What better way to immerse yourself in an environment than to take advantage of five-star service, beautiful surroundings, and an attentive staff to really enjoy your retreat? This also ensures that we can provide the best quality food, nutrition, and meals to help guests achieve their potential during their stay. Expertise and professionalism go hand in hand, and we find that those looking to invest a little bit more are also much more committed to the change process.

    The Parama Ko Chang Experience
    Parama Koh Chang ( by Epikurean Lifestyle recently launched its lifestyle health retreats, carried out on the premises of this beachfront resort located on the southeastern (read: quieter) side of the island, surrounded by the jungle forests and waterfalls, and close to the mangroves.

    The retreats feature at least four to six hours a day of activity, and the same amount of leisure time to spend by the swimming pool, getting a massage at the spa, doing homework, or enjoying as you would on a typical relaxing holiday—except with no cocktails at sunset, as healthy (Paleo) food is a very important component of the retreat.

    A typical day in one of these retreats start at 7 a.m. with a workout at the pier, followed by a trek on Parama’s private island (a white sandy beach just a five-minute boat ride away), and breakfast back at the hotel. Theory classes, a choice of oil or Thai massage, and interval training around sunset and a healthy dinner under the stars are also part of the program, which can be done in either two or seven nights.

    Did you know?
    Health retreats have been around since the nineties. Perhaps known as health spas, the spa concept has gained worldwide recognition from the health spas of Europe to the modern-day retreats such as Chiva Som, here in Thailand. New concepts have been introduced focusing on the inner self, overall wellness, and general health.

    The lifestyle health retreats organized by Fitcorp ( include detailed assessments, individual and group coaching, daily casual workshops, and seminars on essential topics such as nutrition, movement, energy management, and recovery. The company currently runs retreats on health/wellness, fitness/adventure, and weight loss/detox, and diabetes management in Thailand, Sri Lanka, Bali, Maldives, India, and Vietnam.