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    Five Reasons to Escape to Hua Hin

      /  DESTINATIONS   /  Five Reasons to Escape to Hua Hin

    At Sansiri’s newest hotel, ESCAPE Hua Hin,
    age-old tradition coexists with modern-day comfort.

    By Coco Lavender

    สะเต๊ะกุ้งHua Hin has been regarded as one of Thailand’s foremost seaside destinations for decades. What once was a small fishing village has evolved into a first-rate tropical resort town that charms visitors the world over. Today, Hua Hin is both a popular destination for families looking for a relaxing vacation and a hip seaside spot that attracts tourists, shoppers, and food lovers.

    Sansiri has decided to enter the hotel business with the launch of “ESCAPE, Hotel Collection by Sansiri.” Khao Yai and Hua Hin are the first two locations chosen to pioneer this concept of mid-scale design hotels and resorts.

    Cinnamon Beach CaipirismaDesigned under the concept “Heritage Fishing Village of Thailand,” ESCAPE Hua Hin (25/2 Petchakasem Road, Hua Hin, 032 519 061, reminds guests of the small fishing village Hua Hin was over 100 years ago, although with modern-day comforts.

    The Red Coral Restaurant & Lantern Bar incorporates bright colors, also reminiscent of a lively fishing village. The restaurant and bar sit directly beside the hotel’s expansive swimming pool, evoking a relaxing waterfront atmosphere that echoes the tranquillity of the nearby ocean.

    Red Coral offers a fine selection of Thai and international dishes, as well as signature cocktails created by Thailand’s famed bartender and mixologist Niks Anuman-Rajadhon, owner of the internationally renowned Vice Versa bartending company. Each of these drinks was inspired by Hua Hin’s charming characteristics, complementing the ESCAPE Hua Hin experience with tastes that will linger in your mind long after you check out.

    Five Drinks You Can’t Miss
    ● Escape Delight: A mix of strawberry, pineapple, and a generous pour of Cuban rum. Served frozen.
    ● Sweetest Guy: An absolute treat for those with a sweet tooth: vanilla-flavored vodka blended with Oreo cookies and banana liqueur. A true dessert in the form of a drink. Served frozen.
    ● Red Coral: Named after the restaurant, the carefully concocted Red Coral consists of premium Havana Club 7 Años rum shaken with Fragata preserves and Thai basil leaves, and a hint of vanilla.
    ● Cinnamon Beach Caipirisma: The staff’s favorite drink, made with cinnamon powder with brown sugar. A cocktail that is hard to resist once you have experienced its sweet bite. Served strong.
    ● Piña Colada: Yet another rum classic that was tweaked with the addition of sweet coconut liqueur. The ideal companion for a sunny day. Served frozen.

    Five Dishes You Must Try
    ● ESCAPE grilled pork: Served sizzling hot with a flavorful sauce
    ● Fresh prawn somtam: Hot and spicy papaya salad with fresh prawns
    ● Sea bass steak: Served with a garlic lemon and caper sauce
    ● Australian tenderloin steak: Imported premium beef steak with pepper sauce
    ● Prawn satay: Fresh prawns barbecued with coconut sauce

    Ice Cream with Alcohol, Anyone? Choose from These Five
    ● Sangria: Red wine, cinnamon, red wine, brandy (sorbet)
    ● Pomme De La Passion: Apple, passion fruit, brandy (sorbet)
    ● Pear Bellini: Pear, sage, Champagne (sorbet)
    ● Irresistible Earl Grey: Earl Grey, dark chocolate, butterscotch, gin
    ● White Chocolate Cassis: White chocolate, blueberry, gin, crème de cassis

    Developed in line with the underlying concept of “Symphony of Harmony,” the ESCAPE Hotel Collection by Sansiri aspires to impress guests through all of their five senses:
    ● Sight
    ● Taste
    ● Smell
    ● Sound
    ● Touch