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    Take a Friendly or Romantic Bath

      /  RESTAURANTS + BARS   /  Take a Friendly or Romantic Bath

    Asok welcomes Bath Restaurant & Lounge Bar to the neighborhood.

    By Federico Brandi.

    Bangkok never ceases to surprise me. Even when I think I know a neighborhood well, suddenly a new restaurant or bar pops up.

    It happened again just a few weeks ago in Asok, a well-known junction in town, where a pleasant surprise was launched under the name of Bath Restaurant & Lounge Bar – Inspired by the ancient tradition of common baths as a place for leisure and conviviality, Bath joined the neighborhood in the form of a villa with a large façade composed of pillars and a gate that lead to a wide outdoor area.

    In the dining area, a long rectangular pool fills the center, while the tables are set along the walls. Few colors were used in the décor, which instead relies on the effect of the light from the chandeliers hanging low over the pool and the lampshades on the walls, close to the tables. The lights and the soft music in the background give the area a relaxed feeling.

    Bath-Restaurant-2The menu is a combination of international and Thai dishes, with a strong emphasis on both traditional cooking techniques and more modern techniques used in molecular cuisine. The smoked salmon tom yum, for example, is an interesting variation on an iconic Thai dish.

    Behind the dining area is the bar. A square pool fills the center of the room, with several lamps hanging above it. It is surrounded by tables and sofas. All the furniture is sprinkled with customized scents to stimulate the senses.

    Live music is performed from the stage every Wednesday to Saturday. The bar area is divided in two parts: the indoor area and an open-air garden, where shishas can be shared.

    Bath-Restaurant-3When it comes to drinks, four cocktails stand out among the traditional offerings: Vodka Sunrise, Bath Mermaid, Bath Mojito and Tongue Twist. There is a cocktail to suit every taste, and they all tend to be smooth and easy to drink. The most interesting is the Bath Mojito, where the soda is replaced by carbonized guava juice. Cocktail prices range between THB 250 and THB 300.

    If you are not hungry enough to order a full meal, you can share with your friends a trio, which is Bath’s variation of Spanish tapas that comes with three servings. If you prefer seafood, the skewered prawns flavored with spring onion olive oil and langoustine cream sauce (THB 180++) are recommended.

    Bath is a pleasant and inviting addition to Bangkok’s dining and drinking landscape, as it combines many culinary choices together with a chill environment that adapts itself to both a relaxed evening with friends and a romantic one with your significant other.