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    Business in Heels – a womens business network in Bangkok

      /  LE Social Pages   /  Business in Heels – a womens business network in Bangkok

    This network for women, recently launched in bangkok, is the perfect space for professionals who are new to the city and want to make connections.

    by Nicola Jones-Crossley
    Bangkok Branch Director, Business in Heels

    3165BIH©2014KTWATSON-LI have found Bangkok to be an amazing city for women, professionally. Women from all backgrounds and professions come here and flourish. I’ve met successful entrepreneurs creating their own businesses; women who have climbed the corporate ladder and landed at the top, and consultants who work on bits and pieces here and there, who tailor their work to their lifestyle. But where can all these successful women meet and exchange ideas to keep the ball turning?

    In early 2012 Jac Bowie took the business networking industry by storm. A simple idea created Business in Heels ( and, within a few months, it became Australia’s fastest growing network of businesswomen. After three months it was on six continents, with 33 branches of licensees for a brand that believes in helping women every day not only in business, but also in health, relationships, wellbeing, and every other aspect of their lives.

    Business in Heels holds premier business networking events for sassy professional women. Its members—called “Business Babes”—are determined, confident women who appreciate a glass of bubbles, a good pot of moisturizer, and getting the most out of life. Business Babes are experts in their field: consultants, bloggers, entrepreneurs, CEOs, and they are all interested in connecting, sharing, and helping others.

    3117BIH©2014KTWATSON-X3Business in Heels’ events give women a casual environment where they can talk business and meet others, as these events have taken the formal out of networking, removed the badges and long speeches, and put the fun back with champagne, canapés, gift bags, and killer lucky door prizes. These events are fabulous for professionals who are new to Bangkok and want to make connections, entrepreneurs looking to connect with like-minded women, and ladies simply seeking out new ideas and inspiration.

    How It Works
    ● Go to
    ● Register and create your profile
    ● Join the Facebook group also:
    ● Look for upcoming local events
    ● Find links for tickets, pay for event, attend, and take business cards
    ● Follow up with connections made during the night

    _MG_4680How Will You Benefit?
    Imagine an event that is social first, business second. The Business in Heels events are a great way for women to create new business connections in a relaxed, social environment. Attendees will benefit by meeting new people, forming business connections, listening to inspiring speakers, and walking away with a fabulous gift bag. As research has always suggested, and as Business in Heels truly believes: a simple “hello” could lead to many things.

    Business in Heels was officially launched in Bangkok on March 26, 2014. The next event will take place in May 2014. Stay tuned.